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Episode 3: A holistic approach to cybersecurity

Watch as UL and Eaton experts discuss cybersecurity risks and opportunities in an increasingly connected world.

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Current Thinking: A holistic approach to cybersecurity 


Max Wandera, director, Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, Eaton

Rachna Stegall, vice president, connected technologies, UL

Watch UL and Eaton experts offer their take on the cyber threats businesses face as digital connectivity grows. Get a 360-degree view of cybersecurity risks that continue to emerge, the advanced technologies and strategies for implementing a holistic approach to cybersecurity  and the proactive steps you can take to protect against threats today and tomorrow. Register now to explore:

Uncovering possible connectivity risks

Learn of technologies that lead innovation for connected products and systems, why industries like healthcare, financial services and consumer data protection may be most at risk and cybersecurity implications to consider in the future.

Approaching cybersecurity preparedness

Discover how organizations create and understand cyber risk profiles, the mistakes made when identifying threats, the importance of communicating findings to executive teams and how to start addressing the threats unearthed by a risk profile assessment.  

Managing cybersecurity dangers

Explore the best practices used to understand and manage cybersecurity risk, the importance of a secure-by-design approach in product development, the role of cybersecurity frameworks and the testing procedures within those standards.

Starting down a holistic path

Learn what a holistic cybersecurity approach encompasses, how to create your long-term security vision and see it through, the questions to ask connected device providers and the steps you can take today to prepare for tomorrow’s connectivity challenges.  

If ensuring security across your infrastructure is important to you and your organization, Current Thinking: A holistic approach to cybersecurity is a must-see broadcast! Register today.


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Meet our experts for the broadcast

Get to know our Current Thinking innovators.

Max Wandera, director, Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, Eaton

Max Wandera provides leadership and oversight in the research, design, development and implementation of security technologies for Eaton products, systems and software applications. He acts as the voice of Eaton on product cybersecurity matters, working cross-functionally with corporate officers, business and functional leaders at Eaton and interfacing with various government entities including the Department of Homeland Security, customers, industry forums and other industrial control security organizations.

Rachna Stegall, vice president, connected technologies, UL

Rachna Stegall leads the new horizontal business for the Connected Technologies (CT) Business Unit at UL, a premier global independent safety science company. In her role, she supports UL clients and stakeholders with the development and delivery of services around the Internet of Things or Smart Ecosystems, which include interoperability, software and functional safety, cybersecurity, information insights and resilience with the emerging IoT applications in the industrial, commercial and residential spaces.