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Episode 4: Keeping up with the Code

Watch as experts from the industry and Eaton discuss recent updates to the 2020 National Electrical Code (NEC) and how businesses can better prepare for future changes.

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Current Thinking: Keeping up with the Code



Tom Domitrovich, vice president, Technical Sales for Eaton’s Bussmann Division

Larry Ayer, vice president, Biz Com Electric

David Williams, electrical inspector, Delta Charter Township

Watch experts from the electrical industry and Eaton offer their take on changes to the 2020 National Electrical Code (NEC). Get a better understanding of how the Code is updated, recent changes and what to expect as the 2023 code takes shape.

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Understand how code updates are made

Learn about the biggest factors that go into updating the Code during each review cycle, who participates in code-making panels and how updates are determined and approved. We’ll also debunk some of the myths and misconceptions about how code updates are made. Hint, they’re not just driven by manufacturers.

Implement updates to the 2020 NEC

We’ll discuss some of the biggest modifications to the Code and go behind the scenes to understand the process that drove the changes. A wide variety of updates will be discussed: from GFCI expansion to load calculations for LED lighting to service entrance changes. We’ll look at some of the drivers behind these changes and where industry can turn to get more information.

Prepare for the 2023 code

A conversation around the additions we can expect to see that weren’t included in the latest update and how businesses can prepare for upcoming changes while also helping encourage adoption of the changes in their own states.

For anyone interested in how and why updates to the Code are adopted, Current Thinking: Keeping up with the Code is a must-see broadcast! Register today. 


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Meet our experts for the broadcast

Get to know our Current Thinking innovators.

Tom Domitrovich, vice president, Technical Sales for Eaton’s Bussmann Division

Domitrovich is actively involved with multiple industry organizations, and most recently focuses on continuing education around electrical safety. He sits on the NFPA Code Making Panel 2 for the continued development of the NEC (NFPA 70) and chairs various committees for other electrical industry organizations.

Larry Ayer, vice president, Biz Com Electric

Ayer is vice president of an electrical contracting firm in Cincinnati, Ohio and is a professional engineer. He sits on NFPA 70E and the NFPA 70 Code Making Panel 13 and is currently the chair of the NEC Correlating Committee.

David Williams, electrical inspector, Delta Charter Township

Williams has been in the electrical industry for 45 years and is a master electrician. He has represented IAEI, International Association of Electrical Inspectors on Code Making Panel 5, Chaired Panel 7 and is presently serving on Code Making Panel 10 and the NEC Correlating Committee.