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How we're preparing power professionals for the future.

Dedicated to educating electrical, engineering and consulting professionals—from new job entrants to industry-seasoned pros.

Education for every generation

Experienced professionals are critical to building and maintaining safe, secure and efficient infrastructures. But the power industry today contends with a shortage of qualified technicians. The skills gap is significant: 10,000 Baby Boomers reach the age of 65 every day - a trend projected to continue until 20301. With many Boomer retirements on the horizon, the next generation of workers projected to replace them won’t be enough. That can lead to an estimated 2.4 million industrial positions unfilled through 2028, with global productivity losses potentially reaching $2.5 trillion as a result2.  

Eaton is dedicated to helping the next generation of power technicians get the training and experience needed to succeed. With higher learning institutions and trusted industry partners by our side, we invest in comprehensive workforce-entrant programs, continued learning courses and trainings to reduce the workforce gap. And through our Eaton Experience Centers, we offer real-world experiential learning that new workforce entrants and experienced electrical incumbents need to grow their skills, enhance productivity and ensure safety for all. From online courses to virtual visits on our website to a topical video library and classroom environments, our learning environments are suitable for all needs.

Number of Baby Boomers who turn 65 every day
Number of Baby Boomers who turn 65 every day
Estimated number of industrial positions unfilled through 2028
Estimated number of industrial positions unfilled through 2028
Potential global economic impact
Potential global economic impact

Electrical power is at the heart of what makes our homes, businesses and infrastructure work. Yet, there are not enough people with the specialized training needed to support the power industry into the future. To help our customers, Eaton is continuing to invest in industry education, training and partnerships to prepare the current and next generation power industry professionals for success. 

Jeff Krakowiak, senior vice president, marketing and commercial operations, Eaton's Electrical Sector

Education for students and young professionals

Education is critical when addressing the changes affecting the electrical industry. That’s why we join forces with colleges to facilitate learning through training programs specifically designed for young professionals. From assistance in developing cutting-edge facilities to inspiring new curricula, we’re dedicated to helping students and new industry professionals as they prepare for tomorrow’s power future.

Advancing technology for industry

The oil and gas industry is seeing tremendous growth in technologies designed to increase power efficiencies. We work with today’s oil and gas leaders to create educational programs that address industry tech needs now and in the future for new students and experienced industry professionals. Through partnerships geared toward reimagining educational programs, helping to modernize higher learning facilities and donations of advanced power management products, our continuing education programs in the Gulf of Mexico help technicians understand the latest tech advancements for greater efficiencies on the job.

Programs for career growth and advancement

We support engineers, consultants and electricians throughout their careers. Whether helping early-career professionals through our Power Up program, showcasing advances in electrical power quality and safety at our Eaton Experience Centers or assisting industrial partners like the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) through the Electrical Training ALLIANCE, our training and certification programs help professionals of all experience levels stay on top of industry trends.
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