Power Up Consultant Training Program

Power Up is a two-day consultant training program specifically developed for early-career power systems design engineers to provide education on a variety of electrical design topics.

Get real-world experience, in a fraction of the usual time

Power Up training sessions are tailored for young engineers with eyes-on training, collaboration and networking opportunities.

Key topics include:

  • Power System Design
  • System Protection and Coordination
  • Power Quality

Trainings are hosted at local manufacturing facilities around the United States and at Eaton Experience Centers. All attendees are given the opportunity to get a first-hand look at equipment construction and products.

Number of days per session
Number of days per session
Average number of students per session
Average number of students per session
Training locations around the US
Training locations around the US

Goals of the Power Up Program

  • Provide education/training opportunities for early career power system design engineers at key consulting firms.
  • Introduce support tools (Design Guides and web site) as the go-to resources for power system design and application information.
  • Establish connections between early career engineers and their local Eaton application engineers who can provide career-long expertise and support.
  • Give attendees eyes-on experience with the electrical equipment they commonly specify in their design engineer role. 
  • Help clients prepare the next generation of their workforce while educating existing employees.
  • Foster relationship-building and networking with peers.
At the session I attended in Pittsburgh there was a lot of hands-on learning. Even the presentations were done in a way that kept the program interactive and engaging.
Dennis Cushing, electrical engineer, WSP

Program training methods

Visual learning and the application of power systems equipment with courses focusing on power system design, system protection and coordination, and power quality.

Hands-on, interactive training

Training is structured to include a mix of eyes-on, ‘in front of the gear’ training, and conventional classroom sessions. The “in front of the gear training” is accomplished by a combination of group demonstrations and interactive activities in a safe and controlled environment..

Outpacing change

Local application engineering support, design tools and power systems training help consultants keep pace with constantly changing technologies and building codes.
Power Up offered one of the most applicable programs of coursework to our day-to-day activities. Even more so than many of my college courses, so it was a nice bridge to connect the dots.
Nikolas Heleen, PE electrical engineer, WSP

Local manufacturing facilities

Many Power Up sessions are conducted at local manufacturing facilities around the country. During the sessions, industry best practices and the latest innovations are introduced through eyes-on training in multiple application environments. Participants gain better understanding of power management solutions — from generation all the way down to the receptacle. We offer sessions in a variety of local facilities to make it easier for more young engineers to attend.

Eaton Experience Centers

We are currently developing Power Up programs with an advanced curriculum. These sessions will be conducted at the Eaton Experience Centers in Warrendale, Pennsylvania, and Houston, Texas. Sessions will feature more narrow-topic training courses like: “Advanced Motor Control” and “Protective Relaying.” As with all Power Up programs, attendees will be given the opportunity to experience complete power management solutions - from generation to receptacle.