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IntelliConnect: IoT innovation at every turn

Remote diagnostics on the IntelliConnect platform optimize efficiency through real-time integration of technology and transmission expertise. Another way we bring to market digital innovations that positively impact your products, processes and bottom line.
Every day, trucks hit the road all over the world, and it’s up to fleet managers to ensure drivers remain safe and achieve maximum uptime.  That’s why fleet managers rely on telematics systems, which provide GPS, sensor and fault code data, to gain a better understanding of the current state of their vehicles. But what happens when a fleet manager must make sense of several fault codes per vehicle, for multiple vehicles across the entire fleet? Confusing fault codes can quickly become an overwhelming task. That’s where IntelliConnect by Eaton comes into play – providing guidance through remote diagnostics.

Combining 100 years of transmission expertise with the latest in IoT technology to help drivers reduce unplanned downtime and stay safe on the road.

Total Eaton-connected transmissions
Total Eaton-connected transmissions
Possible cost of downtime to a fleet per day
Possible cost of downtime to a fleet per day
Potential for saved downtime
2 days
Potential for saved downtime

IntelliConnect remote diagnostics keep you ahead of the curve

Without Eaton’s remote diagnostics system in place, fault codes are collected and sent to a fleet’s existing telematics provider. From there, the codes are distributed directly to fleets without any analysis or immediate, actionable next steps.

IntelliConnect remote diagnostics provide the Intelligent Power advantage. Here's how it works.

All Eaton and Eaton Cummins automated transmissions on a vehicle with supported telematics devices will have fault codes evaluated by IntelliConnect on the fly. The evaluated information from IntelliConnect is sent to fleet managers, supplementing data already received from the telematics service provider. The data is first collected in our knowledge management system. IntelliConnect monitors the fault codes, identifies the critical errors impacting the driveline and then ranks them by severity. After that, a fault code action plan is generated and sent to the appropriate system users in the fleet via email alerts. 


The fault code analysis provides:

  • Fault codes in easy to understand terms
  • Actionable guidance and next steps
  • Customizable delivery via email or online portal access

You decide what, when and how you receive information. 

Aligned with our standard approach to Intelligent Power management

Assets and sensors

IntelliConnect is included with all Eaton and Eaton Cummins automated or automatic transmissions. And with more than 100 years of expertise in transmissions, you can count on us to understand the sensing technology needed to detect the issues resulting in downtime and lost efficiency for your fleet.

Data science

Using a complex evaluation engine, IntelliConnect identifies fault codes impacting the driveline, then ranks them by severity and provides a fault code action plan for fleet managers. The user-friendly, intuitive information can be delivered via email or an online portal, turning data into actionable insights.


IntelliConnect follows industry-standard protocols and infrastructures to aggregate and disseminate data. We work with your existing telematics provider to increase scalability and ease-of-use when connecting to the IntelliConnect platform, all the while keeping your data secure with the latest cybersecurity safeguards. 
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Interested in IntelliConnect remote diagnostics for your business? Learn more about benefits, our partners and how to to sign up. 
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