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How to transform swimming pools with LED lighting

Break out the goggles and sunblock, because pool weather is fast approaching. When the weather grows warmer, many of us head to the pool, and lighting can play a major role. Adding lighting to pool areas allows us to use pools in darker, nighttime hours, but lighting can also enhance and even create experiences in these spaces. We’re diving in to help you create an engaging and safe atmosphere at the pool this year.

Lighting in the pool

How can you transform a simple swimming pool into an aquatic experience using LEDs? Here are five tips to enhance the setting:

  • Don’t under-light your pool. Many times just one light is installed in the deep end. But depending on the size of the pool, two or more fixtures can create and enhance dramatic effects.
  • Aim in-pool lighting away from seating areas. LED lighting produces bright, clear light for a safer environment, but if you want a comfortable environment for pool users on the deck and in the pool, try to point in-pool lighting away from deck seating areas.
  • Use lights facing each other for a flawless look. A singular light can create shadows that highlight imperfections on the bottom surface of the pool. The best way to avoid this is to place lights at either end of the pool, providing illumination in both directions. This technique eliminates shadows and makes the bottom appear smoother.
  • Consider how the pool liner or finish color will impact the lighting effects. Lighter colors reflect light, and darker colors absorb light.
  • Harness the flexibility of LED lighting systems to transform the experience.Customized lighting packages can be spread around the pool, offer different colors and be programmed with reflective qualities to eliminate bothersome shine.

Pool deck lighting

One of the primary ways most people light their deck is by lighting the house. Consider using the same outdoor light fixtures found elsewhere on your home for design continuity. Try lighting specimen plants, pergolas and patios or decks when you plan your outdoor lighting. Strategically placed lights that shine into the branches of trees give them a sculptural quality. With soft but effective LED light splashing onto the pathways leading to your pool, on steps and near your patio, you can safely maneuver around your yard after dark.

These five LED lighting fixtures can help create the perfect pool deck ambiance:

  • Stair risers: If the stairs are detached from the house, stair riser lights will boost safety. Stair riser lights cast just the right amount of light needed to easily traverse your stairs, even while carrying appetizers or cocktails out to your friends.
  • Post caps: LED lights that slip under a post cap are the most common way of incorporating lighting into your deck. These are easy to install and provide a warm ambience for entertaining. The only drawback is that if you’re sitting on patio chairs, these lights can sometimes be at eye level, which might distract from a sunset view of the surrounding landscape.
  • Post accent lights: If a post cap light would be at the wrong height, consider using accent lighting on the side of your post. Because this type of accent light casts a soft, downward glow, it will never shine in people’s eyes.
  • Recessed lights on deck: Recessed lighting fixtures mount flush with the surface of your deck, which can be useful on large decks made for entertaining.
  • Under-rail light: This casts a subtle, downward glow between the balusters, and the light fixture itself is hidden underneath the rail.

This summer, you can make the outdoors your favorite living space. A well-lit pool deck is a pleasant sight, from inside the house to the diving board. With creative outdoor pool lighting design and a variety of fixtures including LEDs, you can create a poolside getaway.

Source: HGTV