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4 reasons to opt for smart outdoor flood lights

Outdoor floodlights have long been a common fixture in residential settings, such as backyards and driveways. Because they come in a variety of sizes, illuminate large areas and are built to withstand the elements, these lights provide an easy way to boost home security and general visibility. Today, a relative newcomer, the smart outdoor floodlight, is upping the ante by allowing homeowners to transform outdoor spaces and the experiences they create there.

Here are four reasons to make your outdoor floodlights smarter.

  • 1.Take home security and peace of mind to another level.
  • 2.Play to your family’s unique schedule.
  • 3.Create the perfect outdoor experience.
  • 4.Reduce energy costs.

Have you ever had to remember to turn on your outdoor floodlights before you go out of town or retire to bed for the evening? Homeowners can schedule each individual smart outdoor floodlight to turn on and off at specific times, such as dusk and dawn — meaning there’s no need to leave a floodlight on for the entire time they’re away from home. Some smart outdoor lights even offer random vacation settings, so owners can program them to turn on and off randomly and make it seem as if the home is occupied. This helps prevent even the most observant would-be criminal from noticing when residents are away from home.

With smart outdoor floodlights, homeowners can also program their motion sensor settings to change to a higher intensity or different correlated color temperature (CCT) in the event of unwanted guests, from human intruders to pesky racoons and other animals. Some smart lighting systems, like Eaton’s HALO Home, allow owners to control outdoor motion sensors using an app. Owners can also associate the sensors with any other light or dimmer within the HALO Home system. For example, if an intruder enters the property on the home’s exterior, the motion sensor can trigger the bedroom light to turn on, or it can illuminate the entire house if the occupants are out of town.

Smart outdoor floodlighting can adapt to surrounding conditions and homeowner needs. For example, if you go to bed early, you may want to program your smart outdoor floodlights to start the evening at 50 percent brightness and increase to 100 percent brightness as the night grows late. You can also program them to increase to full brightness just when you expect your teenager to come home from a night out with friends, helping them get into the house safely.

Hosting a backyard cookout or a romantic dinner for two under the stars? Homeowners can use smart outdoor floodlights to create the perfect scene for a variety of everyday or special occasions. These lights allow owners to achieve a particular ambiance by adjusting the color (e.g., from a cool 3000K to a warm 5000K), dimming the fixtures (from 5 percent brightness to full brightness) and selecting individual lights or groups of lights for illumination at any particular time.

Have you ever forgotten to turn off the patio or porch lights before you head to the office in the morning? You can program smart outdoor floodlights according to local sunrise and sunset times — settings that will adjust automatically as the seasons change. This not only creates a better experience, but it also prevents energy waste that results from light fixtures that remain illuminated even when they aren’t needed.

Smart outdoor floodlights also reduce energy costs by offering dimmable options, from 5 percent brightness to 100 percent brightness.

Finally, most LEDs, even powerful outdoor floodlights, are rated for about 70,000 hours of use. This eliminates the need to replace them on a regular basis. This can be particularly helpful for outdoor floodlights, which are often mounted high above the ground and require a ladder for maintenance. 

Make your outdoor floodlights smarter.

Eaton’s HALO Home Smart Lighting System is just one example of smart outdoor floodlighting solutions available on the market today. The system’s 2,000-lumen smart LED floodlight and smart LED motion floodlight come in two finishes — white or bronze — and provide benefits such as 180-degree coverage, precision optics and toolless adjustment. HALO Home is also easy to install and, unlike some smart lighting systems, does not require an internet connection or hub.