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3 ways smart garage lighting elevates the forgotten room

Lighting is one of the most budget-friendly, quickest ways to dress up a room — or the garage. 

Don’t discount the potential of this forgotten room or assume that it has to be cold and lifeless, nothing more than a cement block for parking the cars. In fact, the New York Times called the garage “the final frontier in home renovation.”  

While some homeowners with deep pockets are adding lifts for luxury cars (the lifts alone can cost as much as some cars), custom cabinetry or even heated floors, lighting can instantly transform a garage without the effort or expense required for many other upgrades. Appropriate, pleasing lighting can bring this space more in line with the amount of time homeowners actually spend in it. But choosing that lighting, whether for the interior or exterior of the garage, isn’t always as easy as it sounds. 

With so many garage lighting products today, it isn’t necessary to settle for the single fluorescent bulb suspended from the ceiling that helps give so many garages a dungeonlike feel. Whatever the primary goal, from function and style to energy savings, here are some garage lighting ideas to consider. 

Garage lighting ideas for max function

In general, rugged, lightweight, portable lights are a great fit for garages. But the type of lighting and ideal fixture depend on how — and how frequently — homeowners use their own space. 

The garage offers more than a place to park the cars, and this space often doubles as a workshop for carpentry, car maintenance or other activities. Thoughtfully selected task lights, including under-cabinet light fixtures, make workbenches and other workspaces better suited for intensive or meticulous projects. On the other hand, recessed lighting can provide more comprehensive coverage, helping ensure homeowners never struggle to locate their tools, camping supplies or sports equipment. 

Think beyond the light, too. Modern LEDs can sometimes incorporate other functions. For example, the Metalux Bluetooth shoplight includes wireless speakers with clear, balanced sound that can fill an entire workspace, so homeowners can listen to their favorite music or podcast while changing their oil or staining wood furniture. 

Garage lighting ideas for elevated style

Most people want a garage that’s organized and clean, and shabby lighting is one of the quickest ways to trash it. When the garage looks better, homeowners have increased incentive to spend more time there completing to-do lists or enjoying the hobbies they love. 

Simple garage lights complement the clean lines of a modern home, and everyone can appreciate a sleek, low-profile design that gets the job done. 

On the other hand, statement light fixtures are on trend, and the garage doesn’t have to be any different. That’s why some homeowners are adding vintage pendant lighting that invokes old mechanics’ shops, or even chandeliers that give the space a touch of elegance.

Lighting is an easy way to shape the personality of a garage. Want rustic charm? Add gooseneck lights for barnlike appeal (Houzz). Or, add lantern-style lights on the exterior for a farmhouse look. Exterior garage lights can instantly boost any home’s curb appeal. Lighting can also bridge two styles. For example, homeowners may want to showcase their classic car under modern, sleek lighting fixtures. 

Garage lighting ideas for energy savings

Last but not least, energy efficiency is becoming more important to many homeowners. LEDs not only use far less energy than fluorescent or halogen lamps, but they’re also rated for about 50,000 hours of life, eliminating the need to install or replace lamps on a regular basis. The Metalux Shoplight series features fully integrated LEDs that are ideal for almost any task or portable lighting application. The lights are great for garages as well as workshops, sheds and indoor utility rooms. 

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