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Fall in love with this season’s outdoor lighting design tips

It’s finally that time of year where we welcome autumn’s bright-colored leaves, cooler weather and one more chance to enjoy the outdoors before winter sets in. So go on and celebrate the crisp fall air in your favorite outdoor space. From coffee on your front porch to entertaining dinner guests on your back patio, make these moments extra special when you set the mood with outdoor lighting that brightens these shorter days. Not to mention, a little extra lighting can also make your home a safer place.

Check out some of our outside lighting ideas to get fall started off right.

String lights

Who said string lights are only reserved for the chic corner café? Café string lights come in countless varieties that add character and warmth to outdoor spaces.

  • Globe lights – hang several strands across wooden posts, fences and pergolas, or use a suspension kit for a timeless European bistro feel. You can also drape them from a tall tree branch for a cascading backdrop to your outdoor dinner.
  • Christmas lights – add some color and fun to your outdoor area when you wrap Christmas lights around your plants and trees. Try hanging them from trees above your hammock or the fire pit for a more enchanting feel. Choose white ones for a more holiday-neutral color.
  • Rope lights – line your patio railing or the back deck for a soft, ambient glow. Rope lights help illuminate pathways so you know where it’s safe to walk.

Adjustable patio lighting

Perfect year-round, adjustable patio lights can add soft ambient light, or they can be positioned to shine direct light on a certain area, like the grill or patio tables during a late dinner. You can easily maneuver these lighting fixtures and dim them to set the mood.

Outdoor recessed lighting

Recessed lighting isn’t reserved for the indoors. Take these sleek, concealed lighting fixtures to the outdoors with recessed lighting designed specifically for damp and wet locations. Outdoor recessed lighting illuminates your home’s facades, treating you and guests to a welcoming glow when you pull up the driveway. You can also add these to your patio steps for an unobtrusive pathway lighting option.

Landscape lighting

Your eyes don’t need as much light to see outdoors, so when it comes to landscape lighting, less is more. Accent your landscape with natural LED spotlights or floodlights that illuminate your flowerbeds, pathways, waterfalls and statues.

  • Spotlights are great for highlighting small areas and objects such as landscape features, artwork and architectural details. They cast a concentrated beam of light no more than 45 degrees wide.
  • Floodlights illuminate larger spaces and more surface area, providing a beam of light up to 120 degrees wide. This lighting option is great for areas like driveways and the front or backside of your house.

Festive accents

Play up this season’s colors and holidays with festive accents.

  • For Halloween, carve a few pumpkins and use the Jack-o-lanterns to light up walkways and front steps.
  • Make your fall foliage come to life with a pre-lit, battery-operated wreath that gives off a warm welcome to family and guests.
  • Add decorative lanterns to your outdoor space in lieu of candles for an elegant touch to your outdoor garden and back patio.

Pro tip: control your outdoor lighting

Too much lighting, or lighting at the wrong time, can throw off the vibe and mood of your outdoor experience. To avoid outdoor light pollution, consider adding timers, controls, dimmers and motion sensors to control when the exterior lights come on and how bright you want them to be. Don’t forget to adjust timers according to daylight savings!