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LED trends: outdoor and roadway lighting

LEDs are replacing HID lighting and other lighting sources because of their superior quality and rising value. This is especially true in outdoor and roadway lighting, where today's LEDs provide better, more controlled light.

The HID lamps that line many streets don’t always do the best job of lighting the ground for automobile and pedestrian traffic. Poor control creates a series of bright spots and dark spots where the light from HIDs isn’t reaching the ground; this reduces visibility and contributes to crime. 

On the flip side, modern LED technology allows for better uniformity, because our ability to control the light source has greatly improved. Today’s LEDs make optical control easier and more precise compared to HIDs and CFLs, and the light they emit is clear, controlled and aesthetically pleasing. The precisely designed optics of LEDs help direct light where it belongs. This means less light is wasted, visibility is heightened and outdoor spaces are illuminated more evenly after dark.