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New recessed lighting technology saves time and money

If you’re a building owner or manager and want to save time and money, new direct mount installation and surface-mount downlight (SMD) technology are doing just that. Eaton’s Lighting Division spoke with Bryant Bilal, an expert in recessed lighting technology, to learn more about a thin, versatile lighting application that will change the way the industry approaches recessed lighting installation.

What is direct mount installation?

Direct mount installation is an innovative approach to recessed lighting installation. It is the driving force behind thin, SMD light fixtures that provide more even illumination thanks to edge-lit technology. These fixtures are less than a quarter of an inch thick, and they’re revolutionizing the installation process. Unlike other recessed lighting, SMD light fixtures do not require a junction box or housing to host the system. They only require access to a hot, neutral ground wire.

This results in increased versatility, because builders and installers can install the fixtures anywhere as long as they have access to wiring.

Why is direct mount installation such an important advancement for the lighting industry?

This approach to recessed lighting installation is pretty transformative. It creates quicker installations, achieves the look of recessed lighting and creates other efficiencies for contractors and their customers. The biggest factors to consider are the time and cost savings.

These lighting fixtures also produce far less heat and consume less power than many other LEDs, because the wattages are even lower. In turn, fixtures that produce less heat can have smaller housings.

Thanks to an innovative design, connection into an enclosure is only required once. If you’re a builder or contractor, that means less time on a ladder and more time for your next residential or commercial project.

What are residential lighting applications for direct mount installation?

In residential lighting, direct mount installation is ideal for spaces with low ceilings. In particular, it’s a real problem solver for apartment, condominium and hotel owners or managers who want strong lighting design that includes recessed light fixtures.

What are some commercial lighting applications for direct mount installation?

As mixed-use spaces often change, going from concrete to drywall, contractors can use surface-mount downlights in facilities such as banks or stores. Applications in awnings or light commercial spaces are typically seen with direct mount installation.

What’s next for this technology?

In the near future, all lighting including SMD fixtures will be connected through wireless technology or Ethernet connectivity. This will allow for expanded applications in residential and mixed-use spaces. Imagine out-of-home controls, brightness control, timers and other smart features.

Cutting-edge technologies like connected lighting and direct mount installation are transforming the lighting industry. From quicker installations to lower costs, time savings and expanded lighting controls, it’s an exciting era for building owners and managers, builders and remodelers.