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The official call: LED lights are essential for the win in sporting arenas

The payoff starts with the kickoff

Many facility operators recognize their lighting system is aging and due for an upgrade. Most systems still using high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps and metal halide lights require frequent expensive maintenance; they also offer inefficient light uniformity, minimal color tuning options and cumbersome control.

All of this adds up to challenges not only on the field for athletes, but also in the stands, limiting audience engagement and sponsorship opportunities.

It also dims the at-home experience by creating broadcasting issues, as most lighting systems cannot keep pace with the advancement of home television technology, leading to flickering slow-motion replays and reduced ability to see athletes’ expressions.

It’s essential that sports arenas keep pace with the LED lighting game. The good news is, this is probably not as extensive or costly as you think; in fact, you could start saving money and energy fairly quickly.

A good offense is the best defense

While the usefulness of LED lighting in sports venues is becoming increasingly obvious, what is often overlooked is the capability of lighting controls to elevate the game.

Eaton’s Ephesus Lighting is one of the world’s leading pioneers of LED lighting technology for stadiums, arenas and other major sports venues. Their products are revolutionizing the way the stadium game is being played. And, for Ephesus, it all starts with addressing lighting controls.

Control products that are leading the industry, such as those developed by Ephesus, provide instant on-off capabilities and exceptional light quality.

With the use of the right controls, LED lighting also provides increased flexibility. Various dimming levels can be set for different uses. This is especially efficient and impactful for facilities serving multiple purposes.

Imagine being game-ready with the instant push of a button, whether you need to create a warm graduation ceremony or a chilling, thrilling hockey game experience, or even fulfill sponsor obligations with dynamic color tuning. With LED lighting, it’s your game to win.

It’s about more than showing your team colors

Improving the sports experience isn’t the only heads-up play here. Also consider that shifting from HID or metal halide fixtures to LED lighting essentially creates a maintenance-free zone. This may also feel a little like the Twilight Zone, because when it comes to LEDs, a reduction in fixtures can actually equal an increase in light. 

This smart play is achieved by highly efficient fixtures: you can reduce your facility’s lighting fixture count while increasing light on the surface (contrary to common belief, you don’t need an LED fixture for every 1,000W metal halide fixture).

Green isn’t just for grass

LED lighting plays don’t end with superior control and dominant color tuning. The grass is also greener on the LED side of the fence (and we can see each blade, too!). Not only can you reduce the number of fixtures and maintenance time while increasing light output (often doubling it), you’re also saving energy.  

An efficient LED lighting system results in direct savings on energy, and you may also qualify for additional energy efficiency rebates, discounts and incentives. That’s something an entire team can get behind.

Ready to make the call?

The decision to purchase and implement lighting is a dynamic process that often includes many people. Given the size and varying purposes of many sports stadiums and public arenas, there could even be people from outside the organization who need to be part of the decision including a city official or superintendent, architects or engineering firms.

The overall approach when making the decision to upgrade your facility lighting can be just like the way you plan for a game:

  • Installation: This will likely be quicker and easier than you think, as it is not a one-to-one replacement ratio.
    • No training camp for you; you’re ready for game day!
  • Maintenance: Reduced fixtures and increased efficiency equal less maintenance.
    • Score a few more points!
  • Superior lighting: Achieve lighting uniformity, reach every player, increase performance on the field and enhance audience engagement both in the stands and at home.
    • You just won the game!

Committing to improve a facility’s lighting is a huge decision and a major investment. But with today’s technology and the significant advantages in experience, efficiency, flexibility and overall quality, it’s the right call.