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Eaton's Fuel-System Technology Supports 777X Advancements

Date: 6/21/2017

PARIS AIR SHOW, June 2017 — Eaton products have played important roles on the Boeing 777 ever since the first aircraft was delivered more than two decades ago. Since then, Eaton has built on its legacy as a technology leader for the aerospace industry by successfully integrating fuel system components with composite wing aircraft — a key feature of Boeing's new 777X. 

Eaton designed and developed new fuel products that are not only are compatible with composite structures, but also are compliant with FAR 25.981 requirements. Eaton ensures that its equipment meets or exceeds regulatory requirements and customers' expectations.

Eaton's solutions for the 777X significantly expand Eaton's low-risk, high-reliability fuel system content on the aircraft. Eaton has updated and adapted a variety of proven 777 and 787 fuel components for the 777X, including fuel boost pumps, override and jettison pumps, motor-operated shut-off valves and actuators. 

Eaton products on Boeing airplanes help generate, convey and control power and are designed to support fuel, hydraulic, motion, conveyance, ducting, sealing and sensors. 

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In the aerospace industry, Eaton is a leading supplier of hydraulic, electro-hydraulic pump and generator products and integrated systems; engine and airframe fuel pumps; electric motors; aircraft door actuation, flight and flow controls; fluid, fuel and air delivery products and systems; nose wheel steering systems; integrated control systems; cockpit controls; power and load management systems; pressure sensors, seals, and fluid health monitoring products and systems. Eaton serves commercial and military aviation, aerospace, military weapons, marine and off-road markets worldwide.

Eaton is a power management company with 2016 sales of $19.7 billion. We provide energy-efficient solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably. Eaton is dedicated to improving the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services. Eaton has approximately 95,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 175 countries. For more information, visit


Eaton's ability to contribute proven technologies from existing aircraft programs, including override/jettison pumps and canisters, provided low-risk, high-reliability solutions for the 777X. Installed inside the aircraft fuel tank, Eaton's unit has excellent thermal performance and is compatible with composite structures. The canister incorporates inlet and outlet valves that allow the pump to be removed without needing to drain fuel tanks.