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Eaton Launches Energy Solution To Enable Industry To Play Role In Global Energy Transformation

Solution enables large energy consumers to help balance grid and enable operators to increase adoption of renewable energy generation

May 29, 2019

DUBLIN, Ireland ... Power management company Eaton has launched a frequency response energy solution, called Energy Aware, that enables energy-intensive industries to help stabilize the grid and contribute to more renewable power. Eaton Energy Aware UPS is based on Eaton’s reserve power technology. The first commercial application of its kind is launching in Ireland, and has been successfully piloted at Eaton’s global headquarters in Dublin in co-operation with Eaton’s global energy management partner Enel X. It is participating in Ireland’s grid operator EirGrid’s DS3 system services programme, which supports renewable integration through the management of grid frequency.

Eaton Energy Aware is aimed at organizations that use large amounts of electricity, such as commercial and industrial facilities like data centers, manufacturers and airports. Eaton’s technology is a solution that industry can adopt to increase its role in the movement towards enabling a low carbon future through energy market participation. It launches at a time when there is unparalleled desire politically, in industry and amongst the public, to tackle the climate crisis and a decentralization of the energy sector. 

“As individuals and as an industry we are all aware of our obligation to rethink our role as power consumers. Industry continues to struggle to make efficiency gains and to de-carbonize the energy we use. This technology turns the tables and literally means industry can give back,” said Ciarán Forde, segment leader, Data Center & IT EMEA at Eaton. “This is an innovation that challenges traditional thinking, it transforms a large electrical infrastructure into a network that can contribute to the grid and not only consume power. The primary role of the infrastructure doesn’t change, but by enabling organizations to take part in EirGrid’s DS3 system services, it offsets its costs and helps them hit green targets by enabling renewable energy.” 

Eaton Energy Aware UPS uses Eaton’s UPS-as-a-Reserve (UPSaaR) technology, which has been in development since 2016 and has been successfully trialled in Norway, Sweden and the UK. The solution uses Eaton’s reserve Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to enable organizations to seamlessly support grid stability while still powering critical applications. This helps grid operators stabilize emergency fluctuations in system frequency which occur as a result of increasing variable renewable energy. Eaton has worked to bring the solution to market by partnering with Enel X, which enables organizations to take part in EirGrid’s DS3 system services and earn revenue for doing so.

“The potential of the energy sector’s transformation is dependent on an ecosystem of proactive energy consumers who see opportunity in using their energy differently – more intelligently – than they do right now,” said Peter Connolly, Head of Sales at Enel X in Ireland. “We are delighted to partner with Eaton to enable organizations to leverage their operational flexibility in a way that bolsters business competitiveness whilst also allowing them to become good citizens of the grid.”

Ireland’s electricity system is primed to test and launch the new solution because of its mix of renewables, its progressive orientation towards technology and its population of large power consumers, including many of the world’s largest data center providers. Eaton’s proof of concept with Enel X and EirGrid at its Dublin headquarters has demonstrated how Energy Aware manages critical loads and mission critical applications, reduces Eaton’s energy consumption and improves grid stabilization. Pilot projects have proven that the technology provides a viable and fast-acting power reserve to the grid while maintaining the UPS’s primary function of securing electrical loads, further de-risking any instability from the country’s increasing use of renewable generation.

Eaton Energy Aware UPS was commissioned in April and is already supporting the Irish grid, with first earnings to be recognized in October 2019. The solution is offered with new Eaton UPSs or as an upgrade for existing Eaton UPS customers. 



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Enel X

Enel X is Enel’s global business line dedicated to developing innovative products and digital solutions in sectors in which energy is showing the greatest potential for transformation: cities, homes, industries and electric mobility. Enel X holds the leading position in demand response programmes globally, with over 6.2 GW of demand response capacity currently managed and assigned in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

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