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Accelerating digital innovation with trusted connectivity

Eaton partners with Microsoft to advance intelligent power

The intersection of the Internet of Things (IoT) and power management innovation is transforming the way businesses operate. Analysts estimate that the industrial IoT will add $14.2 trillion to the global economy by 2030 (source: Accenture), making it one of the most important forces shaping the future of the business world today. 

Our digital approach is enabling rapid innovation in this arena and making it easier for customers to integrate connected technologies. Already, we’ve reduced engineering time by more than a million hours, allowing our teams to dramatically increase the number of IoT products in development.

We’ve partnered with Microsoft to establish a consistent connectivity platform for intelligent power across electrical applications. The collaboration establishes Microsoft Azure as our cloud computing platform, creating a firm foundation for developing Eaton’s enterprise-wide  intelligent power solutions. With a uniform foundation for these digital solutions and a robust cybersecurity program, we can infuse connectivity into more solutions faster and help customers make more informed energy decisions that drive productivity, profitability and power continuity.

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“We’re leveraging deep application expertise and an expansive solution portfolio to drive more integrated electrical systems for our customers, so they can integrate technologies and put their energy assets to work in new ways,”

Michael Regelski, senior vice president & chief technology officer - Electrical Sector, Eaton

Through the new standardization of our digital approach on Microsoft Azure and our rigorous engineering practices for secure product development, we’re able to produce commercial-ready, scalable IoT solutions. This positions our customers to remove the complexity associated with connectivity and focus efforts on using the real-time data to make decisions that impacts their bottom line.   

For example, we’ve added connectivity to circuit breakers, a foundational electrical system component, transforming the breaker into an energy utilization device that can provide a real-time energy dashboard. We’re also helping utilities get new data from smart sensors on the electric grid, without the burden of administering their own communications networks.

Imagine, electrical systems that predict failure before they happen and offer the knowledge needed to improve the profitability of day-to-day operations. Life's easier when your power system tells you exactly what it needs, and this is all made possible through consistent connectivity across the electrical system. 

At Eaton, we’ve created an IoT playbook and are leveraging more than 100 years of power management experience to infuse connectivity into more solutions faster. By transforming power management with a consistent platform for connectivity, we’re helping customers innovate everyday processes and generate actionable insights to make more informed decisions. 

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