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Training to enhance arc flash safety

Eaton’s arc flash safety training is designed for electricians, maintenance technicians and others who need a practical understanding of Article 130 of the 2018 Edition of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 70E.

When you train with Eaton, you can be sure you’ll get the most current information, techniques and procedures available to keep your personnel safe and your processes running. While some trainers may simply recite information from published manuals, Eaton’s trainers are the same experienced electrical engineers you’ll find in the field performing arc flash incident energy analyses. Because Eaton’s trainers know exactly how the arc flash analysis is performed, they can offer the best guidance on how to interpret study results and apply it to your specific electrical system and site safety plan.


Learn how to improve safety

Eaton’s arc flash safety training shows you how to determine incident energy values and arc flash boundaries. You’ll use that information to select electrical components designed to minimize arc flash hazards and to choose the right personal protective equipment (PPE) according to NFPA 70E and CSA Z462.

Come to us, or we'll come to you

Our training will reveal how a proper examination of your power distribution system and arc flash analysis report can help you avoid “overdressing” for necessary operational and maintenance tasks. In addition to our power systems training classes, we offer customized training specifically designed for your company’s unique requirements. Furthermore, if it’s not practical for your staff to train at one of Eaton’s facilities, we can conduct the training at your site.

Choose the training that's right for you

Eaton offers both 4-hour and 8-hour “Understanding Arc Flash and Electrical Safety” training programs. Topics include existing and proposed standards, determining safe approach distance, methods for calculating prospective short circuit current, NFPA 70E methods for calculating flash boundary and incident energy, IEEE Standard 1584 methods for calculating flash boundary and incident energy, determining the arc flash PPE to protect personnel, selecting a PPE clothing system based on the latest NFPA standards, arc ratings for common types of garments and practical methods for reducing arc flash hazards.

The reference materials and credits you need

Each attendee will receive an Electrical and Arc Flash Safety classroom reference manual, a soft-bound edition of NFPA Standard 70E-2018 and Professional Development Hours (PDHs) for successful training program completion.

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