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We make neighborhoods work.*

*Every morning, neighborhoods around the world come alive with the rhythms of commerce and community. Teapots whistle. People head out for a morning run. The news comes on. Bakeries and banks open. Buses arrive and people begin their daily commute.

This is the heartbeat of a neighborhood. And what makes it all work is the dedication of countless companies that manufacture the products and deliver the services that people depend on to keep daily life on schedule.

And, just about everywhere you look you’ll find Eaton power management solutions. Helping to power schools, homes and local businesses. Ensuring clean water flows from faucets and water fountains. And building and maintaining critical infrastructure. 

Together, we're making sure that our neighborhoods never stop working.
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Explore the ways we make neighborhoods work, all around the world.

We make the "on" button work.*

*Power is easy to take for granted. You flip the switch and energy flows. To the lights at the soccer field. To the espresso machine at the café down the street. To the treadmill humming underfoot during your morning workout. We help companies around the world generate, transmit and distribute power more reliably, efficiently and safely. And even though you may not see us, we're there: from the utility substation to the transformers, through the load centers and circuit breakers, all the way to the outlets on the walls of homes and businesses all around town.

Our customers rely on Eaton power management solutions to help the grid become smarter, more adaptable and responsive. Lighting becomes more efficient. Homes and buildings become more connected and intelligent. And we make sure that it all works together to help reduce power outages, lower energy costs and improve reliability.

We make next-day deliveries work.*

*Every online transaction sets real-life wheels in motion—literally and figuratively. Whether it’s a rush delivery of a last-minute birthday gift. Or a part for the refrigerator that decided to stop working again. If you get an overnight delivery, it’s probably made possible in part by Eaton. 

We’re there energizing and protecting the data centers that drive online stores. Powering the engine, fuel and motion control solutions inside the airplanes that carry products across continents. Improving the fuel efficiency of delivery trucks as they make their daily rounds with better clutch, transmission and engine solutions. With Eaton’s help, the journey from your computer to your front door is just a quick trip around the world.

We’re behind the scenes, behind the equipment—but we impact people's lives. I’m proud Eaton is part of the infrastructure making communities great.

Brad, territory sales and service manager, Vehicle Group

We make morning walks work.*

*A road that winds through a nearby park or a bustling town center. The bridges that span sparkling rivers. The skyscrapers that line city streets. Look closer and you see a neighborhood built on reliable infrastructure. And Eaton plays an important part in helping our customers build, maintain and protect that infrastructure every day.

Our hydraulics solutions help power the machinery construction crews count on to fix the roads and build the bridges that connect cities and towns around the world. Our filtration solutions help local communities’ water treatment plants protect and maintain water supplies and deliver safe, clean water to homes and businesses. And our electrical distribution, circuit protection, lighting control and fire and safety systems, make buildings more functional, efficient and safe. 

When I see new houses getting built or roads getting redone, and Eaton is behind that, even in a small way, that's really important to me.

Todd, product manager, Hydraulics Group

For neighborhoods all around the world

Power is a fundamental part of our everyday lives. That’s why we’re dedicated to improving people’s lives and the environment with power management technologies and services that are more safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable. Because that’s what really matters. And we’re here to make sure it works.