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We make keeping the lights on work.*

*Ironically, you really only notice electricity when it’s not there. Whether your hair dryer tripped a breaker or your whole neighborhood is blacked out, those rare moments make us appreciate the power we so often take for granted in our homes.

Power keeps our food cold, our water hot, our phones charged and our lives moving, 24/7. Which is why our residential portfolio helps keep power flowing safely and reliably, from the utility to your home. Our circuit protection helps keep homes safe from fires and surges. Our lighting controls help drive energy efficiency to shrink electric bills and carbon footprints. And our wireless communication devices make smart homes possible.

From the bare necessities to modern luxuries, power is a must, and we’re here to make sure it works.

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Whether it's the simple necessities or modern luxuries, Eaton is always working hard to make sure your power does, too.

We make homes of the future work.*

*Homes are more connected and automated than ever. Smart technology makes life so convenient, even flipping a switch is becoming a thing of the past. Thermostats set themselves. TVs respond to voice commands. Home security systems will text you if there’s an intruder, or if your door is unlocked.

Eaton products outfit homes for today and tomorrow. Our connected technologies help transform your phone into a remote for your entire home. And through integration with popular voice-activated technologies like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you can control the thermostat, garage doors, locks and security system. But it’s important that a home looks smart, too. That’s why our experts teach professionals and homeowners how to integrate home automation into their designs for the best in efficiency and livability. 
Learn about intelligent connected solutions that offer convenient, energy-efficient control at home. 

My goal is to create innovative products that have a direct impact on everyday life. Adding convenience, connectivity and comfort while home or away.


Rebecca, associate product manager, Commercial and Residential Distribution Solutions

We make story time work.*

*Few things are more comforting than cuddling up with a book or a loved one when it’s stormy outside. The security of our home gives us the freedom to escape, whether into a great story, a hot bath or a blanket fort. 

Rain or shine, day and night, Eaton is helping keep your home safe and secure. From the utility transformers that keep power flowing into your home, to the surge protectors that protect against fire and shocks, to motion sensors, Eaton is behind the scenes – and behind the walls – keeping homes safe, along with everything in them. 

Safety in the home is so important. Products like our dual function circuit breakers - that protect against dangerous arc faults that can cause fires and ground faults that can cause electrical shock - are essential to giving homeowners peace of mind.

Erik, retail marketing manager, Commercial and Residential Distribution Solutions

We make your monthly budget work.*

*Every homeowner is on a budget – and facing rising energy costs. The good news is, no matter the age or size of your home, it can be energy-efficient, reducing your monthly bill and environmental impact.

Eaton is leading the way with energy-saving solutions. Our dimmers, timers and lighting controls further right-size energy consumption. And innovative products like our internet-enabled energy management circuit breaker – the first of its kind – are creating entirely new ways to help homeowners save.

The world is getting more complex and homeowners have to manage ways to live more sustainably without having to give up their comforts. We give people that balance through our technologies.

Pedro, segment manager residential buildings, Europe, Middle East & Africa

Power is fundamental to the modern home

That’s why we’re dedicated to improving people’s lives and the environment with power management technologies and services that are more safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable. Because that’s what really matters. And we’re here to make sure it works.