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We make homes of the future work.*

*Eaton combines wireless connectivity with energy-efficient, modern controls to reimagine intelligent home design.

How we make connected homes possible

Wi-Fi connectivity. Voice control. Home automation. All these technologies make for homes that sync with the rhythms of our lives. Eaton is at the forefront of helping you turn your home into an intelligent, energy-saving hub of convenience and safety—from the inside out.

Can’t remember if you shut the garage door? Check from your smartphone. Hate entering a dark home after a night out? Geofence so your home’s lights turn on when you return. Cozy on the couch and left the lights on? Use voice commands to dim to the perfect mood. Want your smart doorbell or camera to trigger a light? Done. Our Z-Wave Plus family of wireless dimmers, switches and receptacles can do all this and more, resulting in a more convenient, safe and efficient home. And our easy-to-install Wi-Fi smart devices help you modernize your home with switches and receptacles that make voice command controls simpler than ever. 

Create smart spaces

Eaton's Wi-Fi devices are designed to help kickstart your smart home. From dimmers and switches to receptacles, these devices help make life at home more convenient, comfortable and secure. Our WFD30 dimmer combines Wi-Fi technology and flicker-free dimming, while the WFSW15 replaces a standard switch for dynamic smart controls. WFTRCR15 is a Wi-Fi enabled, tamper resistant outlet built for added security and convenience. Outfit your home with technologies that keep in sync with the rhythms of your life.

Convenience put in motion

The Z-Wave Plus wireless motion sensor combines the connected comforts you want with easy do-it-yourself installation. Quickly add the unit to any room with screws or double-sided tape for a 120° field of view and 1,000 square feet of major motion coverage. The sensor connects to a Z-Wave hub to turn customized lighting levels on and off during the day or night. And when integrated with a security system, the sensor triggers an alarm whenever motion is detected and forwards an alert to your smartphone for peace of mind when you’re away.

Control power and lighting from across the room or across the country

The Z-Wave Plus wireless collection of universal dimmers, switches and receptacles lets you manage your home’s lighting and power with manual, remote and programmable controls. When paired with a compatible controller, our Z-Wave Plus series enables voice control and activation through voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant, as well as many smart home apps, for flexible convenience. And because no special wiring is required, these devices are very easy to install. They’re also safe and cyber-secure, boasting S2 security certfication and over-the-air updates. Plus, they’re available in two design and 10 colors to match any home’s decor. So they’ve not only got the brains – they’ve got the beauty to match.