Aerospace hydraulics

Eaton offers the world’s most comprehensive hydraulics portfolio for aerospace applications, with a focus on high-performance components and systems for power generation, fluid conditioning, storage, control and distribution. Our cutting-edge system design and integration capabilities provide cost-effective solutions for customers while enhancing reliability, weight savings and fuel efficiency. 
Hydraulic motor-driven generators                                                        
Hydraulic motors                                                                                  

Our hydraulic power packs are designed for more electric aircraft systems

Eaton is improving aircraft efficiency using a combination of electrical and hydraulic power.

Delivering reliable, efficient hydraulic power generation and fluid distribution

Eaton’s aerospace hydraulics portfolio for commercial and military aircraft includes, pumps, motors, pressure switches, pressure control modules, reservoirs and tubing, Our hydraulic fluid systems powers the primary and secondary flight controls and utility sub-systems. The robust designs ensure the lowest cost of ownership and provide trouble-free flight operation.