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Two-story home application environment for hands-on training and installation practices showcasing new technology and connectivity.

Power your home with efficiency and reliability

The Experience Center in Houston offers a two-story residential application environment that integrates Eaton’s products and solutions into a full-scale residential smart home to give visitors. The home offers visitors hands-on training with new technology installed in interactive demonstrations that showcase the effects of issues on residential power systems, operation of products and comparison of energy efficient devices. Products and solutions installed in the home include:

  • Backup power solutions
  • Power distribution
  • Wiring devices
  • Home automation
  • Lighting and lighting control
  • Circuit protection

Featured application: residential room

The residential application includes home connectivity technologies that are advancing electrical safety, automation and connectivity, while powering and protecting homes. The interactive environment features a full garage and kitchen area with active loads and staged living spaces that showcase smart lighting control and day light harvesting, Eaton’s home automation hub that integrates with smart devices, energy management circuit breakers and back-up generation and protection.

Market training courses

The Experience Center offers a wide range of training courses for residential applications scheduled throughout the year. Additionally, we can create customized training courses for your organization, combining subjects and tailoring courses to meet your company’s needs. We can also provide standard courses at a time that fits your schedule and location.