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Live applications showcasing how to build a smarter grid

Design, build and maintain an automated, secure and cost-effective grid

The Experience Center in Houston showcases how Eaton helps the power management industry generate and distribute reliable, efficient and high-quality power and build a smarter grid. The facility’s large-scale applications give visitors a hands-on experience of the products and solutions that create and deliver power, including:

  • Power reliability solutions
  • End-point automation
  • Power quality
  • Power delivery
  • Power management and control

Featured application: substation

The Experience Center’s substation through power distribution grid lets visitors witness power generation electricity at 35KV, being converted through electrical substation transformers and voltage regulators. The electrical power grid features pole mounted and pad mounted transformers and switchgear and connects to the simulated petrochemical refinery, allowing visitors to understand the path from power generation to consumption.

Market training courses

The Experience Center offers a wide range of training courses for utility applications scheduled throughout the year. Additionally, we can create customized training courses for your organization, combining subjects and tailoring courses to meet your company’s needs. We can also provide standard courses at a time that fits your schedule and location.