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Energy efficiency, power quality and electrical safety showcased through real world applications of solutions for buildings.

Increase efficiency and improve reliability

The Eaton Experience Center in Pittsburgh offers products and solutions for buildings through a wide range of live applications and product displays within the facility. Demonstrations for power distribution, lighting and controls, circuit protection, backup power and monitoring feature Eaton’s buildings solutions. These demos display benefits of products promoting energy efficiency, power quality and reliability, and electrical safety. Featured solutions include:
  • Paralleling switchgear
  • Lighting control software and occupancy sensors
  • Arcflash reduction maintenance systems
  • Remote power racking
  • Integrated Facility System (IFS)
  • Quick connect assembly
  • Arc flash hazard analysis
  • Backup power
  • Circuit protection
  • Lighting and lighting control
  • Power distribution

Featured application: industrial training lab

See a wide range of products and solutions for the power distribution application within the industrial training lab (ITL), including medium voltage assemblies that offer Type 2B arc resistant switchgear installed in the ITL to help visitors visualize the application and benefits of arc resistant switchgear. Type 2B gear protects workers around the perimeter of the switchgear on all sides. If an arc flash event were to occur, the hot gasses are exhausted through a plenum on the top of the gear. The facility’s live gear gives customers hands-on interaction with product installed in application.

Market training courses

More than 80% of the visitors to the Experience Center come for customized electrical training. With the full scale equipment starting at the utility substation all the way to the receptacles in your home, we can deliver almost any type of training related to electrical system reliability, electrical safety, energy management or microgrids.