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Machine building

Real world applications that show how to create a simplified, compact, lower-cost machine.

Build better machines faster with Eaton

Th eEaton Experience Center in Pittsburgh features applications and demonstrations for machine building that help customers design a more simplified, compact, lower-cost machine; deliver a more reliable machine; create a safer machine; and enhance the efficiency of your machine. The facility offers visitors a wide range of products and solutions for machine building, including:

  • Control and automation
  • Monitoring
  • Water and air flow
  • Pump jack with drives and metering
  • SmartWire-DT and programmable logical control

Featured application: Rube Goldberg

The Experience Center's Rube Goldberg demo illustrates Eaton’s broad range of industrial control and automation solutions featuring SmartWire-DT, sensors, stacklights, touch-screen PLCs, pushbuttons, power supplies, soft starters, drives and more. These solutions combine are combined into an interactive “Rube Goldberg” machine that sorts and processes colored golf balls for a highly-visual demonstration of product capabilities.

Market training courses

More than 80% of the visitors to the Experience Center come for customized electrical training. With the full scale equipment starting at the utility substation all the way to the receptacles in your home, we can deliver almost any type of training related to electrical system reliability, electrical safety, energy management or microgrids.