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Build a smarter grid for more reliable, efficient and high-quality power with our Experience Center.

Design, build and maintain an automated, secure and cost-effective grid

The Eaton Experience Center in Pittsburgh showcases how Eaton helps the power management industry generate and distribute reliable, efficient and high-quality power and build a smarter grid. The facility’s large-scale applications give visitors a hands-on experience of the products and solutions that create and deliver power, including:

  • Power reliability solutions
  • Control and automation
  • Power quality
  • Power distribution
  • Power management and control
  • Microgrid

Featured application: microgrid

A full-scale operational microgrid powers the lighting, HVAC and house loads for a major part of the Experience Center and features Eaton’s Power Xpert Energy Optimizer controller as a “live” platform for testing control advancements. The controller intelligently manages multiple sources including solar, energy storage, generation and utility supply. It provides power continuity for short- and long-term utility interruptions. Key features and demonstrations include peak shaving, photovoltaic (PV) smoothing and shifting, demand management and response, seamless islanding and reconnect to grid, long term islanding illustrating optimal use of resources, black start from generator or energy storage, grid connected power factor and voltage regulation.

Market training courses

More than 80% of the visitors to the Experience Center come for customized electrical training. With the full scale equipment starting at the utility substation all the way to the receptacles in your home, we can deliver almost any type of training related to electrical system reliability, electrical safety, energy management or microgrids.