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Product specification

Explore our latest innovations, be the first to see new technologies and interact with a wide range of market vignettes to select the best products for your projects.

Access to what was once unattainable

Eaton understands the complexity of electrical engineering and design and offers capabilities designed around the challenges you and your team face every day. The Experience Centers feature customized products and unique installations that help you access solutions, with a special focus on those that are difficult to access in real life.

We support your projects by providing an environment that helps you visualize best practices, integrate innovative solutions and reduce the project life cycle.

I would recommend the Experience Center for everybody purchasing and specifying electrical components, regardless of electrical knowledge and or experience. The Experience Center did a terrific job of explaining in ways both an electrical engineer as well as someone with limited electrical background can understand.

Buyer, engineering, procurement and construction company

Industry experts who work by your side

We work to understand projects and assess how Eaton products can fulfill customer needs. Here, Eaton’s industry and product experts will:

  • Work to understand your project goals
  • Review requirements for codes and standards
  • Educate you on a wide range of application environments
  • Evaluate limitations and determine “good/better/best” solution scenarios  

Be the first to work with new products

We want to help you achieve the optimal solution and choose the best equipment. That’s why we continually update our applications with newly launched products — allowing you to interact with our latest devices often before they’re released to market.

And because we recognize the difficulty in specifying engineered-to-order products, we have the flexibility to adjust our applications to more accurately reflect your projects. Together, we help create the installation you’re looking for by simplifying the design process.

Work with products installed in true-to-life applications

Using our application environments helps reduce the time and engineering investment required for product specification. Request a visit to an Experience Center for an application overview and project assessment.