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Streamline electrical work and procurement under our GSA Schedule

For four decades, federal agencies, state and local governments have relied on Eaton to keep electrical systems operating safely and at peak efficiency. Count on Eaton expertise and innovation to create and maintain smart, adaptable power systems. 
Expert maintenance
Expansive expertise and services in North America
Always-on power
Support mission-critical operations
Safety first
Protect people and equipment

Maintain complex electrical systems easily with turnkey support

Aging infrastructure can make it impossible for systems to support the mission or withstand natural or man-made disasters. Government agencies are making the changes to achieve more resilient operations. We’re here to help.


Eaton provides expansive solutions for maintaining, repairing and modernizing electrical systems under the GSA Schedule 03FAC. We have more than 1,500 experts in 60 locations throughout North America, and more around the world.

We know what it takes to create smart adaptable power systems that are built to last and have a proven track record of successful projects.

To support resilient operations, our comprehensive electrical services for power distribution and control cover:

  • Power distribution
  • Motor control
  • Backup power systems
  • Electrical safety


Make old equipment work like new.

Need to update and extend the life of aging electrical power systems? We understand the challenges of maintaining and updating existing systems and our experts can identify the most effective way to meet your mission goals. 


Eaton offers cost-efficient renovation to existing switchgear, with minimal power interruptions and without total replacement.

Our expansive solutions to extend the life of aging power systems and support resilient operations include: 

  • Reconditioning of equipment from virtually any manufacturer
  • Replacement circuit breakers and other components
  • Preventative and predictive maintenance 

Withstand unpredictable conditions with reliable power.

The electrical system powering the mission must always work. We are experts in building and maintaining reliable, scalable critical power environments for government agencies. 


Eaton offers complete turnkey UPS solutions to provide uninterrupted clean power to critical loads.  Eaton has one of the largest and most experienced service organizations in the industry.

Our dedicated support and expansive understanding of electrical systems delivers:

  • Minimized risk of power outages to mission-critical facilities
  • Reduced energy consumption that lowers operating costs
  • Improved power reliability for always-on operations
  • Crisis response and emergency services

Make high risk operations safe.

Worried about electrical safety? Eaton delivers on the expertise and solutions to help protect people, property and the mission. 


Delivering safe electrical power is at the core of what we do. We have the expertise and solutions to take the proper steps that help mitigate the risks of arc flash and support always-on power:

  • Arc flash and electrical system studies
  • Industry-leading technologies addressing electrical safety
  • Expert understanding of electrical standards to make sure electrical systems are up to code