Maintaining mission readiness for an always-on government

Operating with efficiency and reliability at every level of government operations

Ensuring mission readiness is no small feat. Various branches of the government rely on power management technologies to help keep operations running and our country safe. On top of that you need to always be prepared for new policy changes. Our products and services enable you to respond quickly, while maintaining the same level of dependable, operationally-critical performance.   

Meet policy goals and regulations

At the federal, state and local levels, government departments and agencies rely on power management technologies to help meet stringent regulatory standards. From GHG emissions reduction goals to fuel economy and renewable energy targets, you need to both comply with policy mandates and stay on budget. We have a deep understanding of compliance standards and our energy management systems and renewable energy solutions can help you meet sustainability goals. From ENERGY STAR certified products to intelligent, IoT-enabled technologies for data centers, vehicles, aerospace, marine and utilities, we help you better manage and maintain our country's facilities, infrastructure and military.

Protect personnel, citizens, data and systems

From aging infrastructure and natural disasters to the threat of physical and cyber attacks, you need mission-ready technologies that help protect people and assets 24/7. We'll provide the power management technologies that you need for speed and resiliency. During critical power outages, you can have confidence that our backup power protection will keep critical systems running. When there is the threat of physical attack or natural disaster, our emergency and mass notification systems help keep personnel and the public safe. And when the threat is cyber, to safeguard information and keep assets protected, our “secure-by-design” philosophy helps ensure availability, integrity and confidentiality of connected systems. 

Have confidence in operational performance

Operational readiness is not a nice-to-have, it's a must-have. Whether you’re stationed on the ground, in the air or at sea, you need reliable products designed to perform in controlled or harsh environments. Our Microgrid Energy Systems provide a resilient power infrastructure to ensure grid reliability. And all of our power technology solutions - designed for land vehicles, military ships and airplanes, data centers and other mission critical facilities - are engineered to perform with proven dependability. With the highest testing, quality and cybersecurity standards, you can feel confident that you will achieve the most efficient performance for your operation. 

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