Ensuring safe, reliable navy and marine vessels

Maintain mission-readiness aboard and ashore

In naval combat vessels and non-combatant vessels, electrical power systems and hydraulic power systems are integrated to improve efficiency and operational readiness.  Dependable performance in the harshest environments is paramount.  We understand that system efficiency and resiliency, as well as health and safety of the crew, is essential to ensuring a successful mission.

Maintaining mission readiness is critical for combatant vessels such as aircraft carriers, task force surface combatants, and deep-sea submarines. And safety and reliability are equally critical for non-combatant vessels.  We deliver innovative technologies to support operational readiness and survivability in combat with monitoring and protection capabilities.  From resilient back up power systems to reliable circuit protection and electrical switchgear, count on Eaton to offer advanced technology power products for onshore and offshore applications.

Protect people, assets and the environment

Our mission is to provide safe access to power - both onshore and offshore.  Our customers rely on our products to meet or exceed marine standards and, with expertise in regulations, codes, and standards, Eaton delivers.  With solutions-based technologies, from remote monitoring capability to products engineered to operate in harsh environments with increased energy efficiency, we help safeguard crew, equipment, and the environment.

Optimize your operation with system integration

We understand the pressures military and government marine agencies face to upgrade operational efficiency. They require solutions that are adaptable to changing regulations, leverage current state-of-the art technologies, and help reduce overall costs.  We support configurable, expandable, and scalable architectures through easy technology insertion (open access).  With enablement using 3rd party integration, we have the ability to adapt quickly to customer requirements. Our team stands ready to  help with the selection of optimal solutions for weight savings and enhanced shipboard readiness, for all seagoing vessels.


Navy vessels

From aircraft carriers and cruisers to destroyers and submarines, explore the many components and solutions we offer for navy vessels.

Non-combatant marine vessels

From military non-combatant vessels to transport and supply vessels, explore the components and solutions we offer for marine vessels.