Deploy safe, fuel-efficient federal and military vehicles

Ensure reliable operation and performance in the field

From 50 to 500 miles or 50 to 500 stops, you need vehicles that perform reliably and efficiently everyday. But it doesn't end there. With a fleet of service vehicles, ease of operation and maintenance is just as important as optimizing fuel economy for better performance with less impact to the environment. 
Across the desert or across town, military and GSA vehicles must work as hard as you do. For military transport vehicles, armored trucks and combat vehicles, you depend on technologies designed to withstand harsh conditions and operate with top performance to protect our troops. For military vehicles and more traditional government fleets, safety is the top priority, but you're also looking to improve fuel economy and ease of maintenance to keep trucks, vans and buses moving. From transmissions to differentials and more, you can feel confident that your fleet will be mission-ready day or night in sun, rain or snow.