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ALERiTY One Button Mass Notification System

One button means never thinking twice in a crisis.

In a crisis, it’s hard to think clearly – and miscommunication can exacerbate an already dangerous situation. Sometimes you need to tell people to take cover. Other times, run. In an emergency situation, responders can’t waste valuable time trying to navigate three, five or even 12 different systems. And yet, in a world where advanced (yet very disparate) alert systems proliferate, system complexity is all too common.

At Eaton, safety is always top of mind. So our engineers began asking some fundamentally simple but technologically complex questions about mass notification: How can we help people know what’s really going on in a threat situation? How can we let them know exactly what they should do and when? And most importantly, how can we make it simple to activate?

Giving responders just “one button to push”

Eaton has a unique perspective on mass notification because it’s the only company that offers in-building, wide-area and distributed-recipient capabilities, all under one roof. We realized that what campuses and communities needed was a “system of systems” for mass notification that offered interoperability, scalability and ease of use at its core. We call it ALERiTY.

ALERiTY provides a web-based command console that gives users easy-to-understand, “one button” functionality. It allows responders to access, monitor and activate a mass notification system anywhere, anytime. And it’s built from the ground up to integrate with existing solutions, making your system holistic and effective. Because ALERiTY works across wired and wireless networks, it’s able to pull together indoor, outdoor and personal alerts into one seamless interface, offering virtually limitless ways to distribute an emergency notification.

In-building mass notification system
ALERiTY links autonomous control units for supervised emergency voice communications with multi-use capabilities, including paging, background music and voice messaging. It integrates with FACPs, telephone systems and ethernet radio for wireless IP communications.
In-building mass notification system
Wide-area mass notification system
ALERiTY links high power speaker arrays to broadcast intelligible voice messages, tones and sirens, covering large geographic areas. HPSA components combine 2 to 8 horn and driver configurations, IP communicators and ethernet radio for wireless IP communications.
Wide-area mass notification system
Distributed-recipient mass notification system
ALERiTY links web-based communications to send hundreds of thousands of messages simultaneously to unlimited communication channels, including SMS text messaging, voice calls, pagers and email notification.
Distributed-recipient mass notification system

Safety gets highly targeted and widely distributed

From indoor speakers and outdoor “giant voice” warnings, to pop-up interruptions on desktop computers, voice calls and instant text messages to mobile phones, ALERiTY makes it possible to get people’s attention no matter where they are. It also provides secure, real-time information sharing across an organization’s facilities, and with security, fire, police and health departments. Plus, it integrates with data sources like the National Weather Service and Centers for Disease Control (CDC). This allows people to receive concise, timely and event-specific notices, exactly when they need it most.

Energizing your business.

As personal technology devices advance, mass notifications will become ever-more compatible with other systems, allowing interoperability with fire alarm control panels, access control systems and a range of other life safety and security measures. And ALERiTY will be there, ready to integrate to help you keep people safe.

Learn more about ALERiTY systems and other Eaton life safety and notification products and see how Eaton innovation is energizing customers’ business across industries and around the world.

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