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Crompack LED

Lighting the way to a brighter, greener bottom line.

Stop by any warehouse, just about anywhere in the world, and look up. Chances are you will see a ceiling lined with batten lighting – and dozens, if not hundreds, of fluorescent lamps. As businesses search for ways to cut costs and reduce their carbon footprints, swapping out fluorescent lighting for more energy-efficient options seems like an obvious move. So why are they still there?

The answer, quite simply, is that there hasn’t really been a better option. Until now.

The battle of the battens

Eaton engineers realized that if LED technology was going to gain widespread acceptance, they needed to provide businesses with a viable alternative to mainstay, workhorse fluorescent battens.

The goal was fairly audacious, when you consider that they were aiming to replace a commodity product. Eaton needed to find a way to minimize energy consumption, maximize lumen output and optimize cost, all at the same time. The result: Eaton’s Crompack LED batten.

Eaton attacked the problem on multiple fronts. Rigorous design and testing resulted in LED strips that could produce a brighter light than ever before, while actually reducing materials costs. Then, leveraging advanced computer-aided design and prototyping — and years of lighting engineer experience — Eaton was able to cleverly design the Crompack fixture’s diffuser to exactly match the LED light source, achieving amazing transmission levels along with the perfect profile to direct the light. Eaton’s new Crompack LED fixture is able to produce over 10,000 lumens, which is class leading and a direct equivalent of fluorescent lamps. Finally LEDs could compete head to head with fluorescents in the competitive world of batten fittings.

Video: Introducing Eaton’s Crompack LED.
Performance and optical control
The all new Crompack LED delivers a comprehensive range of linear LED luminaires incorporating a range of lumen outputs across 3 luminaire lengths. Optical control and performance generate high efficacies and deliver ECA compliance.

The final piece of the puzzle was installation. Simply replacing old fluorescent tubes with LED equivalents isn’t an ideal solution when you need great lighting. Instead, Crompack LEDs offered a better overall fixture — so making them easy and cost-effective to install was critical. Eaton created a “first fix base” design that allowed installers to quickly wire the lightweight steel base, and then simply plug-in and clip on the new LED optic unit.

When Eaton unveiled the new Crompack LED battens, installers were amazed. The lights looked great, and the overall performance was stunning. LED efficiency and lower lifetime maintenance had finally been packaged for mass adoption and appeal.

Energizing your business.

In the quest for greater efficiency and sustainability, Eaton is leading the LED revolution. From architectural lighting and accents to reliable hard-working battens, Eaton makes LED technology more cost-effective, more beautiful — and easier to adopt — than ever before.

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