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WaveStream LED Lighting

WaveStream LED takes design flexibility to an entirely new plane.

LED technology has long been hailed as the future of lighting technology. Despite the energy savings, lower maintenance costs and impressive lifespan, something has been holding the LED revolution back. And it might just be pure aesthetics. Especially in architectural environments, the “pixelated” appearance and glare of LEDs have overshadowed any cost benefit.

This got Eaton thinking: What if we could reimagine the way LEDs worked, right from the source, and take lighting design — and the industry — in an entirely new direction?

New reflections on what a reflector can be

The breakthrough came when engineers realized they could make a light panel act like a reflector, effectively combining two components into one. By molding complex patterns of tiny, computer-designed “prisms” into optical-grade acrylic, it became possible to redirect edgelit LED light with exceedingly high precision and accuracy. And WaveStream was born.

Eaton engineers began to see power distribution units (PDUs) as both a hardware and a software challenge. And to address it, Eaton brought the ePDU G3 to market, a next-generation power distribution platform that offers multiple technologies—Basic, Metered Input, Metered Outlet and Managed—to solve increasingly demanding power distribution needs.

patented optics
The science behind the beauty.
Patented optical coupling maximizes the amount of light injected into the WaveStream panel, dramatically improving luminaire efficiency. Laser-precise AccuAim optics arranged in exacting patterns provide unparalleled brightness control while delivering optimal distributions tailored to each fixture and application.

Taking control of light

WaveStream is actually an integrated set of components that no other technology can match. It starts with advanced couplings that maximize the amount of light sent into a 3mm optical-grade acrylic panel. As light travels though the acrylic it gets reflected and redirected by advanced prisms, called AccuAim optics, into precise distribution patterns. The result is a luminous plane of light that can be designed to fit just about any residential, commercial or industrial application.

Armed with WaveStream technology, Eaton brought together an expert team of mechanical, optical, industrial and thermal engineers to explore never-before-seen luminaire designs for increased efficiency and decreased wattage consumption. The WaveStream team launched nine product families and quickly changed the way architects and contractors think about lighting environments, from the shop floor and offices to outdoor lighting, parking garages and design accents.

While being incredibly efficient (85%—95% of the light that goes in comes out), what’s really getting noticed are the innovative design possibilities. WaveStream can be molded into virtually any edgelit shape — squares, circles, rectangles and cylinders — to meet exacting specifications and achieve precise lighting results. And because there is no need for a reflector the overall profile of the luminaire is not simply decreased, it can be completely rethought.

Energizing your business.

WaveStream takes LED technology decisively into mainstream light fixtures. And with its stunning looks comes all the energy efficiency and lifecycle cost benefits that today’s buildings, businesses — and lighting designers — truly need.

Learn more about WaveStream products, Eaton’s lighting solutions and see how Eaton innovation is energizing customers’ business across industries and around the world.

Video: See how customers react to the WaveStream introduction.

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