Enabling reliable, efficient utility operations

Improve reliability and efficiency while reducing costs

The utility industry is under pressure to improve reliability and efficiency, protect against new security threats and address the impacts of an aging infrastructure and workforce. We can help you better manage the grid, train your workforce and make smart investments to prepare for the future.

Build an adaptive, secure and responsive infrastructure

Keeping systems up and running is vital to your profitability. We can help make your infrastructure smarter by integrating equipment with enterprise-level software for a dynamic, resilient and cyber-secure grid that reduces delivery interruption. In the event of unpredictable weather, our specialized grid reconfiguration solutions can help reduce delivery interruption frequency and duration during changing conditions. Plus, we can help optimize distributed generation resources and extend the life of existing assets. 

Distribute reliable, efficient and high-quality power

Though they might not think about it, your customers absolutely demand reliable access to power. To be as efficient as possible, assets must be optimized and system operating costs reduced. We can help transform, protect, connect and build out your electrical power system backbone. Our utility application design and project management resources include experts who can manage complex, integrated turnkey projects, including fully engineered, assembled and tested solutions delivered on site.

Protect people, property and the environment

Safety affects everyone and everything in your facility, and in some cases your facility’s surrounding environment. Our solutions enable you to remotely monitor and control safety systems, enhance worker protection from arc flash events, protect against thermal and fire incidents, reduce environmental impact and improve delivery efficiency and limit greenhouse gas emissions. 
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