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Commercial vehicle manufacturers face emissions regulations challenges

Commercial vehicle manufacturers are facing significant hurdles to achieve future diesel engine emissions regulations. The simultaneous reduction in CO2 and NOx is unprecedented and will require new technologies that significantly improve diesel engine efficiency and make electric and hybrid commercial vehicles commonplace.

The Future of Commercial Vehicle Propulsion: Diesel vs. Electrification

Diesel engine makers and suppliers are ramping up their electrification efforts aimed at on-highway commercial vehicles and off-highway equipment. However, they have no plans to abandon the tried-and-true internal-combustion engine any time soon. Industry experts expect already sophisticated diesel engine designs to run more cleanly and efficiently in the future, even as they give way in certain applications to hybrid- and fully electric drive systems. The latest strategies and advances for both propulsion pathways, as well as the best applications for each and their pros and cons, are discussed by the panelists in this one-hour Technical Webinar from the editors of SAE International.