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Commercial vehicle manufacturers face emissions regulations challenges

Commercial vehicle manufacturers are facing significant hurdles to achieve future diesel engine emissions regulations. The simultaneous reduction in CO2 and NOx is unprecedented and will require new technologies that significantly improve diesel engine efficiency and make electric and hybrid commercial vehicles commonplace.

CO2 and NOx emissions regulation changes: What you need to know

As the second phase of the EPA's emissions reduction plan for commercial vehicles approaches, truck manufacturers will need to prepare for the changes. Learn how new technology advancements are helping to lower total cost of ownership, increase vehicle efficiency and make a positive impact on the environment.

Featured webinars

We are proud to have been able to share our expertise on the subject of commercial vehicle diesel emissions reduction in these recent webinars.  

Heavy-Duty Engine Design for a Transitioning Market: a supplier perspective

What are the most significant (and potentially most disruptive) factors that will influence engine developers in the next three to five years? Can combustion and aftertreatment advances continue to satisfy global pressure for reduced diesel emissions at an acceptable cost? This 60-minute Technical Webinar from the editors of SAE International examines emergent engine design and technology trends that are likely to advance as smart choices in a transitioning environment of on- and off-road heavy-duty engines.

Available Until April 2, 2021

The Future of Commercial Vehicle Powertrains – Diesel vs. Electrification

Commercial vehicle and engine manufacturers are facing challenging emission regulations. Commercial vehicle and engine manufacturers are facing challenging emission regulations. In the U.S., NOx emission limits are expected to be reduced up to 70% by 2024 and up to 90% by 2027. At the same time, CO2 fleet average emissions must be lowered by 25-30%. In order to achieve these regulations, new technologies will be required.

During this on-demand webinar, technology expert Dr. Mihai Dorobantu discusses the future emissions standards, how these standards affect truck OEMs, and what technologies will be used to achieve compliance.

Available Until November 13, 2020