• EnergyAware UPS

    Eaton is expanding the role of the UPS, enabling you to do more with deployed assets. With Eaton’s EnergyAware UPS, protect valuable equipment while leveraging UPS batteries to reduce facility operating costs or earn revenue through energy market participation.

Big batteries at data centers could replace power plants

EnergyAware allows you to do more with deployed assets

EnergyAware enables facilities to support sustainable energy solutions, optimize the cost of powering buildings and earn additional revenue from assets currently deployed, while maintaining complete control of deployed UPS and battery assets.

  • You decide when to participate and how much capacity to offer.
  • Configurable HMI screens give the user control of all aspects of the system.
  • Utilize Eaton’s scheduling and dispatch functions, or command externally through the MESA-compliant Modbus TCP interface.
  • Programmable minimum runtime and load levels ensure critical load is always protected.
  • Eaton’s proprietary algorithms secure the pre-determined battery capacity for mission critical applications, never sacrificing the primary objective of clean and secure backup.
  • Fully scalable and can flexibly adapt to your regional utility programs, rate structures and load profiles.
  • Available on new Eaton UPS systems, or in many cases can be field retrofitted to existing products.

Interested in putting your mission critical UPS and battery assets to work for your bottom line? EnergyAware can help you do more:

  • If your utility rate structure includes high demand charges, UPS batteries can be called on to curtail peak power draw from the utility, reducing costly demand charges.
  • For facilities with time-of-use rates, supplement your load with UPS batteries during periods of high energy rates, re-charging batteries during times of low energy prices.
  • Supplement existing load reduction techniques or generator use when participating in utility-sponsored demand response (DR) programs. Seamlessly integrate UPS assets to multiply payout for DR participation.
  • Deploy UPS assets to participate in frequency response programs—available in the Mid-Atlantic (PJM) region today, with other regions coming soon.
  • Ideal for facilities with UPS assets in need of battery replacements. Utilize existing UPS hardware, while upgrading to longer-life lithium batteries.
  • Enables full utilization of available capacity. Perfect for N+1 systems.

Benefits and applications of EnergyAware

Demand charge management
User avoids demand charges by discharging at peak times.
Time-of-use optimization
Shifts energy consumption to avoid peak energy usage.
Demand response
Utility company requests reduction in power usage.
Frequency regulation
Charge or discharge battery on command to stabilize the grid.
Asset aggregation
Manage multiple assets in a building or campus to work as a single entity.
Generator replacement or offsetting
Utilize extended battery capacity as an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel generators.

Curious to see how Eaton’s EnergyAware technology can help you generate new income for your data center?

Eaton and Microsoft win at the 2018 DCD awards

Eaton and Microsoft's new UPS technology project received the Mission Critical Data Center Innovation award at the 2018 Data Center Dynamics awards.
business tech award 2019.jpg

Eaton wins at the 2019 BusinessGreen Technology Awards

Eaton’s EnergyAware solution won the 2019 BusinessGreen Technology Award in the Future City Technology of the Year category