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    Lithium-ion batteries last longer and recharge faster, saving time, money and reducing risk throughout the lifecycle of the uninterruptible power systems (UPS). While valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries have long been the industry choice for UPSs, new lithium-ion batteries offer these additional benefits while still meeting required backup runtime and are a safe and stable alternative battery option for UPS applications. Transform your power infrastructure with lithium-ion batteries.
Longer battery life
Save space and time
Reduced footprint
Faster recharge

Introducing Eaton's LXP-P series

Eaton’s LXP-P series lithium-ion UPS batteries provide a reliable and flexible solution that ensures 24/7 system uptime while delivering high power density and low total-cost-of-ownership when compared with lead-acid and other lithium-ion alternatives. The LXP-P lithium-ion batteries work the Eaton Power Xpert 9395 series UPSs.

Eaton's 9PX UPS is now available in lithium-ion batteries!

Eaton's 9PX double-conversion lithium-ion UPS offers a set-it-and forget-it deployment with power rating from 1.5 to 3 kVA in rackmount and tower form.

What's the deal with lithium-ion battery UPS?

Ed Spears answers questions about lithium-ion battery technology for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) by diving into what's new with lithium-ion batteries, safety concerns and some unique power backup benefits

Explore the benefits of lithium-ion batteries for rackmount UPSs

Eaton's 5P rackmount UPS with lithium-ion batteries is a perfect option for edge computing environments. This video explores some of the benefits of deploying this UPS, including a longer warranty and advanced cybersecurity. 

Check out Eaton's newest double-conversion lithium-ion UPS

Eaton is expanding on the trusted 9 series UPS family, known for its robust protection of mission-critical and light industrial applications. Watch this short video introducing the new, online 9PX lithium-ion UPS.

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Eaton's EnergyAware UPS technology

In partnership with Microsoft, Eaton utilized lithium-ion batteries and a 9395 UPS retrofitted with additional software and controls to turn an underutilized data center asset into a profit center.


Questions about the safety of lithium-ion batteries?

Learn more about the lithium-ion batteries used in Eaton's 5P UPS and how they comply with the latest lithium-ion safety standards.


Lithium communicator module

Monitor and record lithium-ion battery system data, which is required for warranty purposes, while also providing a web-based dashboard to view data. 

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