Managing power for server virtualization

Virtualized networks are all about optimizing hardware resources. Therefore, you must consider the power source of your virtual network. Rather than paying attention to both your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and your virtualized network, find a solution that works together to simplify management.

Most IT professionals today are leveraging some level of virtualization for network, storage, application or servers.

Here are the top two criteria to consider when choosing software that safeguards your equipment and expands the capabilities of your virtual environment. 

Establish which software integrates with your virtualization platform

Power management software that integrates with the leading virtualization platforms such as VMware and Microsoft makes monitoring and management seamless and saves you time. 

Identify what you want to accomplish with the software

  • Do you want it to plug directly into your virtual dashboard?
  • Do you want to initiate planned virtual migrations?
  • Do you want to perform load shedding?
  • Do you want to remotely shut down a host in a cluster without needing to install shutdown agents on each host or each virtual machine?

Once you’ve selected a power management software solution that seamlessly integrates into your major virtualization platform and meets the needs of your environment, you will be able to enjoy a number of advantages. 

Professor Wattson explains why its key to choose power management that works with server virtualization.

Advantages of a power management software solution

Management ease

  • A global view across the network on one screen—often from any PC with an Internet browsers
  • A complete log of events and UPS utility data
  • Centralized alarms
  • Organized data by customized views
  • Event logs for preventive maintenance of the entire installed equipment base

Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR)

  • Data integrity and graceful shutdown in the event of an extended outage
  • Initiate planned migrations to a cloud recovery site
  • Extended runtime to critical applications with load shedding 

Cost savings

  • Less hardware, power used, cooling, and management
  • Increased productivity—no need to recreate your work-in-progress 

Optimization is key to proper server virtualization and a key component is the shut down plan in the event that you lose power. The easiest and best way to initiate shutdown is at the host level through UPS software that way you only have one location to manage and initiate shutdown.

While you may not be able to tolerate downtime and have a redundant IT infrastructure in place for that very reason, the worst case scenario can (and does) happen. You can use your UPS software to initiate a virtual move during a power outage.

You should choose solutions that work together. A software solution will help you monitor systems with ease. The use of a virtual dashboard in order to initiate a shutdown or virtual machine move when necessary can be managed by Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software.

Learn more about our virtualization software, discover Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager (IPM).

IPM facilitates easy and versatile remote monitoring and management of multiple devices, keeping you apprised of power and environmental conditions. You will discover why Eaton has partnered with industry leaders like Dell EMC, Microsoft, Nutanix, VMware and more.