Eaton provides restaurant with recipe for uptime

Since 1962, Alamo Tamales has been sharing delicious family recipes with the greater Houston community. Over the years, the restaurant’s fare became so popular that it prompted the eatery to expand one of its locations into a 20,000-square-foot facility that includes a restaurant, bar, bakery and banquet hall. 


The restaurant needed a solution to safeguard its sensitive electronic equipment against the damaging effects of routine power surges, while reducing subsequent downtime costs associated with lost product, customers and productivity.
Eaton Certified Surge Contractor Program, Eaton SPD series sidemounted, Eaton SP1 series, Eaton CVX series
Working with Eaton, Alamo Tamales was able to shield equipment from harmful surges and the damaging effects of downtime.

Challenge: Restaurant had reached its boiling point with damaging surges

Considering that the Houston area is no stranger to lightning and thunderstorms, it isn’t surprising that Alamo Tamales was experiencing damaging power surges at its restaurants. While lightning is one of the most common instigators of surges, the harmful anomalies also originate from other sources, including utility switching and internal load switching. In fact, one of the most common sources of surges is the turning on and off of power-hungry appliances such as refrigerators, motors and air conditioners.

The restaurant needed a solution to safeguard its sensitive electronic equipment against the damaging effects of the routine surges and help reduce costly downtime associated with the them.

“The consequences of downtime to the business are significant, including loss of product, loss of customers, and loss of employee’s hours and productivity.” 

Tony Nguyen, Alamo Tamales general manager

Solution: Eaton surge devices ensure uptime is at the top of the menu

Based on a recommendation from both its local Eaton certified surge contractor and electrician, Alamo Tamales opted to deploy Eaton’s comprehensive range of surge protective devices and suppressors. With guidance from Eaton’s surge team, the company chose a solution comprised of several different models: one Eaton SPD series sidemounted unit, five Eaton SP1 units, and seven Eaton CVX units.

“I no longer have to worry that our freezer and refrigerator breakers will trip in the middle of the night.” 

Tony Nguyen, Alamo Tamales general manager
The SPD series sidemounted device provides Alamo Tamales with advanced surge protection for integration directly into electrical assemblies, while the SP1 surge protector features a compact 50KA per phase footprint and is easy to install on the restaurant’s point-of-use locations, control panels, load centers and small distribution panels. The CVX surge protective device, which is designed for installation on individual equipment disconnects, service entrances and branch panels, provides enhanced surge protection for current capacities of 50 kA or 100 kA per phase.
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“Our Eaton representative was a great help and made the process of determining what we needed very easy.” 

Tony Nguyen, Alamo Tamales general manager

Results: With the Eaton surge protection devices, Alamo Tamales is now able to...

• Safeguard its essential equipment against damaging surges
• Ensure all activities remaining up and running in the restaurants, bakery, bar and banquet hall
• Avoid consequences such as spoiled food, lost customers and lost productivity

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