Eaton Power Xpert SPD

Introducing the Eaton Power Xpert SPD with advanced monitoring display and communication capabilities for surge protection devices. Learn how this feature can be used to track and record surge events and protection status on your facility’s power system. 

The new Power Xpert SPD categorizes surge events on each phase as low, medium and high according to IEEE standard C62.41.2. These surge events are stored in an event log with time and date stamps. It uses Eaton’s Power Xpert architecture for ethernet communications over Modbus TCP/IP or BACnet TCP for remote monitoring capabilities. 

Compatible with three Eaton SPD series:


Features include...

Time and date stamped surge log

Logs transient surge events from your system, records and saves in an event log with time and date stamp viewable on a local display, webpage as well as downloadable .csv file to a spreadsheet.

Percentage protection status

The percentage protection is calculated based on the number of MOV components remaining online and protecting the system per phase and neutral-ground (wye configuraton).


The RJ45 ethernet port provides communication between the Power Xpert SPD and the LAN connection, Modbus or BACnet TCP.

Programmable settings

Communication settings (Modbus, BACnet TCP), IP address, IP allocation settings, local time and date, device name and password, clear surge logs.

Remote monitoring capabilities

• Power Xpert Dashboard configurable for integrated SPD series
• Onboard webpage
• PXG900 Gateway
• Modbus TCP/IP
• BACnet/IP