Tailored & prefabricated power solutions

UPS system needs vary so widely that a solution for one organization might not be right for another. Our team of engineering problem solvers can help identify your pain point and then (with your input) construct, test and deliver a system that addresses it. 

A solution for you

Ever wish there was an easy answer when you need a UPS power solution that’s cost effective and fast to deploy? Now there is. Eaton’s prefabricated power solutions are fully designed and integrated, arrive system tested and require minimal assembly.  We have three configurations: Connected, Centralized and Contained. 


• UPS modules and switchgear
• Up to 5000 amps
• Customizable
• Used in gray spaces


• UPS, batteries and switchboard on a skid
• Up to 550 kVA
• Used in warehouse environments and gray space


• UPS, batteries, switchgear, HVAC and fire and safety equipment in a container
• 825 and 1100 kVA
• Used in warehouse environments, disaster situations, outdoors and more—a data center in a box

Smart catcher system

A UPS catcher system provides great levels of redundancy without the costs that come with a 2N system.