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PRE-formance prefabricated solutions

Reduce complexity, speed installation and maximize your profit with Crouse-Hinds series PRE-formance prefabricated solutions.

PRE-formance prefabricated solutions

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Simplify construction site projects

As contractors and distributors are being called upon to support the changing needs of their customers, Eaton offers ways to help reduce complexity and speed installation.

Simplify your planning and installation with Eaton's PRE-formance prefabricated solutions.  

  • Reduce material management and spot buying of material
  • Reduce complexity on the job-site
  • Reduce job site waste
  • Speed installation 
  • Help improve safety
  • Keep skilled electricians doing skilled work

Optimize your in-house prefabrication shop

We can help add value to your prefabrication shop by supporting you with our PRE-formance basic assemblies and made-to-order assemblies that will streamline your process with standardized, repeatable prefabricated assemblies for your next project. 

Standardizing on Eaton brackets for direct stud or between stud mounting with boxes, mud rings and ground wire all assembled, can help optimize your current prefab process and timeline.

We also can provide prefabricated assemblies with devices installed to help pull the trim up forward, saving time at the end of the project when you need it the most. 

PRE-formance basic assemblies
PRE-formance complete engineered to order solution

Maximize your team's productivity with engineered to order solutions

We offer complete engineered to order (ETO) solutions for highly repetitive assemblies in projects such as hotels, multi-tenant housing, apartments, healthcare facilities, hospitals, dormitories, and more. 

We provide fully engineered solutions that are wired to meet your project specifications by developing assemblies that can be shipped room to room or floor to floor to speed up and simplify the installation on the job site.

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