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Do more with less.
Improve efficiency.
Reduce costs. 

The emerging landscape of today’s commercial and industrial applications changes how you do business, what your customers require and what you can deliver.

And, the demands are increasing.

Ease the burden. Choose a variable frequency drives supplier that shares your passion for exceeding expectations. One that will not rest until you are satisfied with the quality of their products and caliber of their service.


You can Demand more!

Demand a supplier that joins you in the trenches to get the job done right. One who gives as much to you, as you give to your customers.

Think of Eaton as your champion.

A member of your team who will leverage the full resources of a company to ensure that your problem is solved. Demand more from your supplier. 

Demand more from Eaton.

  • Demand more innovation.

    Work with a variable frequency drives supplier who ensures that your VFDs are tailor-made to efficiently manage your critical systems.
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The Eaton innovation difference

Eaton offers a complete portfolio of variable frequency drives that fulfill the full spectrum of needs for commercial and industrial applications. Our expertise in VFD manufacturing is reflected in some of the advanced features that are offered across the portfolio that provide added benefits to you. These features deliver added benefits to you by ensuring that our variable frequency drives can be tailored to meet your needs. Explore the Eaton difference.

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I need a variable frequency drive that...

Eaton's variable frequency drives points of difference

delivers up to 10% more energy savings above standard drives. Ask for VFDs that feature Eaton's patented Active Energy Control energy optimization algorithm.
improves speed regulation, which helps even the most demanding application run precisely. Ask for VFDs with V/Hz and Sensorless Vector Control.
reduces cost by eliminating additional hardware. Runs two PID process loops without the need for an external process controller. Ask for VFDs that feature the multi-PID feature built-in.
simplifies the system with integrated logic. Control multiple pumps or fans from a single-process signal without the need for a separate controller. Ask for VFDs with multi-pump and -fan feature built-in.
is flexible for easy integration into more applications without the cost of option cards. Ask for VFDs with extensive on-board communications and I/O.
significantly reduces start-up and commissioning time by eliminating complex programming. Ask for VFDs with keypad copy/paste feature.
provides quick, custom solutions including same-day availability on stocked configurations. Ask for Eaton’s variable frequency drives Flex Center.
offers standard solutions to meet IEEE-519 requirements. Ask for VFDs with integrated harmonic mitigation solutions.

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    Engage with a variable frequency drives manufacturer for whom every detail, every idea and every concept counts.
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Expertise leads to energy optimization


We make energy savings a top priority in the development of our variable frequency drives innovations. So much so that we have developed an energy optimization algorithm called Active Energy Control which can provide up to 10% energy savings above standard VFDs.

Active Energy Control reduces the motor voltage while maintaining the motor speed. This results in smooth motor operation with reduced energy consumption compared to a standard variable frequency drive.

Discover how to increase your energy savings over a standard HVAC VFD by up to 10% more.

Download the whitepaper.

Watch the video to see how Eaton's VFD expertise led to the creation Active Energy Control, our energy savings algorithm.


Our expertise  :  Your peace-of-mind


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    Trust a variable frequency drives manufacturer that joins you in the trenches to get the job done right.
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We recognize what’s at stake for your projects.

The time and resources required to complete your projects quickly, cost-effectively and efficiently is significant.

We have built a robust system of support services available to you pre-, during- and post-sale to help your projects run smoothly.

Drives Center

Our services include:

Engineering Services & Systems (EESS)

Our field technicians and customer support engineers can start up and commission equipment, perform planned maintenance, monitor performance and respond to emergencies on a 24-7 basis, 365 days a year.

EatonCare Technical Resource Center (TRC)

Provides product selection, troubleshooting and application support, as well as order management services.


Documentation team

Our application engineering team can provide assistance with submittals and creating operator maintenance manuals.

Custom solutions

Drives Flex Center provides rapid support for standard and customized manufacturing solutions with same-day turnarounds for stocked configurations, local customer pick-ups, replacement parts and proven engineering expertise.

Access the Flex Center

Product specification guides

Specification guides made available for each product referenced in our overview brochure.


1 year standard warranty
2 year standard warranty on drives
3+ year warranty options available

Note that an extension to the standard equipment warranty can be purchased at the point of initial sale, extending up to a period not to exceed 60 months from the original shipment date.

Our services  :  Your support


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