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Drives startup, service and aftermarket

Eaton’s VFD aftermarket team is located in Watertown, WI and supports the entire post sale product life cycle. 24hr telephone tech support, commissioning, warranty analysis, and training are all provided by this team.
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General support

The goal of Eaton is to ensure your greatest possible satisfaction with the operation of our products. We are dedicated to providing fast, friendly, and accurate assistance. That is why we offer you so many ways to get the support you need. Whether it is by phone or email, you can access Eaton’s support information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You should contact your local distributor for product pricing, availability, ordering, expediting, and repairs.

Pre-sale drives support

Drive or Parts identification, part number cross, quotation and application support

877-ETN-CARE (386-2273)
option 2, option 7, option 1

8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Central Time U.S. (UTC –6)

Email: for Drive or Parts identification, part number cross or application support for Quotations on parts or open or enclosed drives

Afterhours support at warehouse (W34)

EatonCare Technical Resource Center

option 2, option 1

8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday

If you need to get parts / product out of the warehouse after these hours you will reach an after hours service that connects you with the warehouse.

EatonCare customer support center

Order placement, check stock availability or proof of shipment, expedite an existing order, emergency shipments, product price information, returns other than warranty returns, and information on local distributors or sales offices.

877-ETN-CARE (386-2273)

8:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. EST

After-Hours Emergency:

877-ETN-CARE (386-2273)
option 2, option 7, option 4

6:00 p.m.–8:00 a.m.  EST

Field service


Call or email Eaton Drives Technical Resource Center (TRC) when you are in need of startup, programming, troubleshooting, communications and field service support.

877-ETN-CARE (386-2273)
option 2, option 7 and then:
   for Communications support - option2
   for Startup and Programming support - option 3
   for Troubleshooting support - option 4 

8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Central Time

After hour support 
6:00pm – 8:00am Central Time


The process

  1. Before you call, please have as much of the following information available and for the best possible service try and be at located at the drive unit:
     - Product serial number and Catalog number
     - Original general order number
     - Customer site location, site contact information and detailed description of the issue
     - Service Information File / Failure information (fault and alarm codes, descriptions)
     - Length of time in service and time of occurrence
  2. The TRC will help determine the warranty consideration status and if parts, replacements, and/or service is needed and then will provide you with a SR (Service Request) number.
  3. The SR number will be required to initiate a warranty claim through your distributor. Your distributor or Eaton salesperson can provide assistance, if needed. See Warranty tab on the website for further information.
  4. If it is determined that field service is required, your Eaton distributor or Eaton sales person will contact EatonCare at 1.877.ETN.CARE (386.2273) Option 4, Option 2 for service and/or parts processing.


Local Field Service Support:

To set up startup, commissioning or service work, contact one of Eaton’s Electrical Engineering Service and Systems (EESS) local offices or one of our many Independent Service Providers (ISP) in your area.

Use the links on the main Drives Startup, Service and Aftermarket web page to search by city, state or zip code.

If you need assistance please contact our Aftermarket group at or call the TRC.


Drive product repair and reconditioning by Eaton is available at our Eaton Enclosed Drives Operations in Watertown, WI. Evaluation, troubleshooting and repairs are completed by factory trained technicians. Eaton genuine certified parts are utilized and are warranted for 3 months. Prior to shipping back to the customer, all Drive products are tested to factory specifications. Test and Evaluation repair pricing is provided below for our most popular drive power sizes and configurations to ensure customers are able to quickly make repair vs. replace decisions. Expedited repair service is available to minimize customer down-time.

Contact Method & Hours of Operation:


8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST
Monday - Friday

Drive Repair Process:

  1. Warranty Repair
    • Drives returned under warranty that requires repair will not be charged a test and evaluation fee. Repairs will be covered at no charge to the customer unless during analysis the claim is found to be not valid. If found to be not valid a quote will be provided to the customer for repairs.
    • To have the drive repaired, rather than replaced or repair parts sent out, enter a RE/W Claim with Eaton CORE (see below).
  2. Non-Warranty Repair
    • Drives that are not under warranty can be repaired at the customer’s expense. Standard testing and evaluation fees per below will be waived if the customer proceeds with paid repairs.
    • To have the drive repaired enter a RE/N Claim with Eaton CORE (see below).
  3. Testing & Evaluation Fees
    DG1 Frame Size   SVX Frame Size    T&E Fee
    FR1 – FR2   FR4 – FR5  $150
    FR3   FR6  $250
    FR4   FR7  $300
    FR5   FR8  $350
    FR6   FR9  $400
    N/A   FR10  $500
    N/A   >FR10  $600
    MMX, DE1, DA1, DC1 Series   All Frame Sizes  $100
  4. Repair Claim Process
    • Contact CORE (Center of Returns Excellence) at 1-800-410-2910 or to process a claim and receive instructions to send the product back to the Eaton Drives facility.
    • Once received, the Drive will be evaluated and a quote will be provided within 2-3 days. Depending on parts availability the lead time for repairs is 3-4 weeks.
    • When submitting your claim, please include any failure information with the request. A claim return number is required before returning any item.



Eaton warrants to Buyer, subject to the limitations and conditions stated in our warranty policy, that all new products manufactured by Eaton shall be free from defects in material and workmanship and shall deliver their rated output as indicated on the nameplates for a period of 24 months from date of shipment. This warranty does not cover failure or damage due to storage, installation, operation or maintenance not in conformance with Eaton’s recommendations and industry standard practice or due to accident, misuse, abuse, or negligence. Extended warranties are available. For complete details please see our Eaton Drives Warranty Policy TD04003006E in the Aftermarket Documentation tab on this website.

Eaton Warranty Claim Process for Variable Frequency Drives:

  1. Required information prior to calling Drives TRC (Technical Resource Center):
    1. Original Eaton GO# (general order number)
    2. Catalog number
    3. Serial number (For enclosed packages, the serial and general order numbers are on the enclosure door label)
    4. Customer job site location
    5. Job site contact information
    6. Detailed description of the issue
  2. Before warranty status can be confirmed, and parts and/or service provided, it is required to contact the Drives TRC for troubleshooting assistance, in order to determine if the problem is in the VFD, and eliminate possible external causes.
    1. Call the TRC at 877.ETN.CARE (877.386.2273) Option 2, Option 7, Option 4. Please have the above information available during the call.
    2. Send pictures and documentation if needed to:
  3. The TRC will help determine warranty status, and if parts, replacements, and/or service is needed, and will provide you with a SR (Service Request) Number.
    1. Be sure to write down the TRC SR Number.
  4. Warranty Claim Processing:
    1. Parts Only: contact CORE (Center of Returns Excellence) at 800.410.2910 (or
      • Return replaced components per the instructions provided on the return paperwork.
    2. Onsite Service Required: a CQM (Customer Quality Management) form must be filled out on “JOE” (for Eaton employees), or contact EatonCare at 877.ETN.CARE (386.2273) Option 4, Option 2, for CQM assistance.
      • See attached file “CQM FORM Rev. 10_22_2013.pdf” for the information which will be required. Be sure to include the TRC SR Number in the CQM form.
      • When entering a CQM in Joe (for Eaton employees) assigns the CQM to “Watertown Warranty” ( For non-Eaton employees, this will be taken care of by EatonCare as they assist you with the CQM process.
      • Upon receipt of the CQM, the Drives TRC / Aftermarket team will supply replacement material and authorize an EWARF to the local Eaton Services team (EESS) or ISP (Independent Service Provider) who will schedule the service work.
  5. Returned parts will be evaluated by the Product Integrity Center (PIC) in Watertown, WI for warranty validation.


To access the Eaton Drives training site use the link below.
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