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Drives training

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What you will get out of VFD training

Eaton’s goal is to enhance your product competency, troubleshooting skills and safe operation of Eaton variable frequency drives.

Eaton offers self-guided, eLearning and instructor-led training to achieve this goal. For the complete overview of the solid-state motor control training program, schedule(s) of instructor-led training, sign-up instructions and further details of Eaton’s variable frequency drives training, use the links in the training documents list.


Drives how to video library

Take a look at our how to video library for access to short videos on accomplishing specific VFD tasks.

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Online self-guided courses

Price: free of charge

101:  Introductory courses for those that who are new to variable frequency drives. 

201:  Intermediate courses that provide the knowledge and skills necessary to meet specific job requirements

Commissioning and service certification courses

301:   Online basic startup training. 

About: This program is for anyone who wants to start up their own VFD and utilize eLearning modules on installation, programming and commissioning of Eaton’s DG1, SVX and H-Max VFD. The quick links to the right link to Eaton University for sign-up in the 301 level courses. 

Price: Starts at $100 per course

401: instructor-led training

Signing up for instructor-led training

  • Quick links - Use the quick links to sign up for the course of your choosing 
  • Eaton Classroom - The quick links will direct you to Eaton Classroom where you can register for the training course(s) you desire. Log in to Eaton Classroom. If you don’t have an Eaton Classroom login account, create an account by clicking on either the blue SIGN UP in the upper right corner of the page or click on “register here” below the login prompt. 
  • Instructions - Step-by-step instructions for sign-up are listed in the training documents link list.

Commissioning training.

About: These courses are available year-round at various regional sites in the U.S. The program focuses on installation, programming and commissioning of Eaton’s SVX, DG1, HMX and DH1 VFDs. Upon completion, customers will be awarded an additional year to their standard 2-year warranty. That’s a 3-year warranty for an Eaton Drive. Commissioning training is offered in two categories: 

  1. Industrial VFD Commissioning for Eaton SVX & DG1 drives 
  2. HVAC VFD Commissioning for Eaton HMX & DH1 VFD. 

Duration: Each course lasts a day and a half on consecutive days, so you can become certified in all 4 VFDs in 3 days. 

Price: $600.00 for each session. 

The Eaton Variable Frequency Drive Commissioning Training schedule and online sign-up instructions are in the training documents link list.

Service provider training.

About: This training is held at the Eaton Variable Frequency Drive assembly plant in Watertown, Wisconsin. Service Provider Training focuses on maintenance, diagnosis and troubleshooting of Eaton VFD. Upon completion you will be eligible to become an Eaton Certified Master Service Provider. 

Duration: 4.5 days

Price: $1200.00 

The Eaton Service Provider Training schedule and online sign-up instructions are in the training documents link list.