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  • Eaton's variable frequency drives

    You can demand more from Eaton's variable frequency drives and the industry leading support that comes with them.

Demand more

Your business is critically important. You take pride in your operations and you hold yourself to high standards of excellence. Your customers are at the forefront of everything you do, and you strive to constantly exceed their expectations. 

We appreciate the emphasis you place on performance and value. That’s why we ask that you demand more. Demand more from your suppliers. Demand partnership. Demand a supplier who treats you just like you treat your customers, with the highest respect and admiration. Demand a manufacturer whose success is only possible with your satisfaction. 

Eaton's variable frequency drives portfolio

As commercial and industrial businesses become increasingly dependent upon machines and focus on upgrading aging systems, the control components that run these machines/systems need to be more efficient... and more intelligent than ever before. 

Eaton offers a best-in-class portfolio of variable frequency drives (VFDs) that are designed to meet your performance requirements while saving space, improving safety and working smarter. Eaton VFDs will save you money by improving the efficiency and productivity of your systems.


Demand more innovation. Introducing the PowerXL DH1 HVAC VFD!

Demand more means having a variable frequency drives manufacturer as a part of your team, to ensure that your VFDs are tailor-made to efficiently manage your critical systems.

What makes Eaton Drives Special

Points of difference Value to you
Features the Active Energy Control® algorithm
Enjoy up to 10% more energy savings above standard drives
V/Hz and Sensorless Vector Control available
Improves speed regulation, which helps even the most demanding application run smoothly
Multi-PID feature built in
Run two PID process loops without the need for an external process controller
Multi-Pump and Fan feature built in
Control multiple pumps or fans from a single process signal without the need for a separate controller
Extensive on-board communications and I/O available
Integrate into more applications without the cost of option cards
Keypad copy/paste feature
Significantly reduces start up and commissioning time by eliminating complex programming