Circuit breaker health

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Molded case and low-voltage power circuit breaker health

Equipment reliability, safety, and maintenance-related expenses are top priorities. New technologies are providing ways to boost predictive maintenance methods efficiently. Monitoring and acting upon circuit breaker health delivers on those priorities.

At the end of the day, the reliable, safe performance of processes, facilities, and circuits is critical to business. 

Download the Circuit Breaker Health white paper to learn how:

  • To increase equipment uptime
  • To reduce the effort and costs involved with servicing or replacing equipment
  •  Advances in trip units predict potential points of failure
  • To view data directly from the breaker that helps you determine breaker health
  • To improve system reliability
  • IR images cannot provide the best way to diagnose potential issues, and what can
  • To best use data available to you to reduce maintenance cost and increase safety

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