Power Defense

What will you build?
And how will you defend it?

Eaton’s new globally rated, Power Defense circuit breakers

Before you think about what you are building next, think about how you will defend it. You need a device with connected and communicating built-in electronics, ability to generate the data to help you optimize your facilities performance, and the ability to mitigate arc flash keeping your employees, customers and end-users safe. With Eaton’s new globally rated Power Defense circuit breakers, you can now plan with confidence. Start planning your defense now.

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Power Defense circuit breakers

What will you build, and how will you defend it?

Arc flash reduction
Built-in communications

Your dream

Whether you’re building production capacity or a legacy, the green factory of the future or the newest high-rise on the next horizon, Power Defense circuit breakers protect your ideas as they are realized in concrete and steel.


Your team

Developers, architects, engineers, contractors—all builders are part of a team. Power Defense circuit breakers protect your people, your power, and the bottom line, giving your team the confidence that comes with security.


Your reputation

When it comes to securing business, reputation is everything. That’s why Eaton is fully committed to its globally rated Power Defense circuit breakers. Secure your build and protect your reputation with the advanced protection and technology of Power Defense circuit breakers.