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Top reasons to consider switchgear modernization

Don't replace switchgear, modernize it.

Eaton’s switchgear modernization offers cost-effective renovation to existing equipment, with minimal power interruptions and without total replacement.  Read more to learn about the top 5 reasons you should consider switchgear modernization.

Reduce maintenance costs

As your switchgear ages, the frequency and scale of repairs tends to increase. Eaton’s switchgear modernization group offers multiple solutions that will significantly increase the time between scheduled maintenance intervals. Additionally, we offer application-specific solutions, such as breaker to motor starter replacements, specifically designed for more operations to ensure that your switchgear stays fully functional for a longer period of time.

Spare parts availability

Finding spare parts for power circuit breakers that are decades old can be challenging, not to mention expensive. Eaton’s direct replacement circuit breakers and conversions use current production circuit breakers, trip units and cell parts. Since our solutions do not reuse old circuit breaker parts, you can rest easy knowing that renewal parts are always stocked and available..

Improve safety

Nothing is more important to us than the safety. For that reason, Eaton’s switchgear modernization group ensures that every replacement breaker design meets or exceeds IEEE/ANSI standards. Additionally, our solutions offer multiple safety enhancements including increased short circuit interruption ratings, trip units with an arc flash reduction maintenance switch (ARMS), and remote racking.

Increase reliability

We understand that unplanned downtime creates challenges for your operation. In order to maximize reliability, Eaton’s switchgear modernization group uses modern circuit breaker and trip unit technology. Our breaker replacements and enhancements utilize advanced synthetic lubricants and robust components to ensure increased mechanical endurance so we can keep your switchgear powered up when you need it most.

Reduce implementation time

One of the biggest challenges to upgrading your switchgear is finding the time to plan and implement your solution. Eaton’s switchgear modernization group is here to help. Thanks to the support of our extensive network field services resources, our replacement and retrofill solutions are installed with minimal downtime and little-to-no change in the footprint of your existing switchgear, saving you time in the planning stage, and at a fraction of the cost of new replacement switchgear.

Watch this video to see how modernizing switchgear could be an option for you.

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