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Arc flash safety

What matters: a reliable electrical system so you can provide a safe workplace

With ever-increasing requirements of NFPA® 70E, NFPA 70 (NEC®) and OSHA for a safe workplace, we’re here to help you.

It starts with properly maintained equipment and a safe, reliable electrical system. These are essential in providing a safe workplace, reducing downtime and repair cost, avoiding costly citations, and minimizing exposure to potential liability. Our team of engineers are well equipped to perform an Arc Flash Compliance Program and offer solutions to mitigate potential hazards that can have a negative impact on electrical safety in your workplace and your bottom line.

Arc Flash Compliance Program

Eaton’s Bussmann Division offers an Arc Flash Compliance Program that provides a comprehensive safety solution and helps ensure that you minimize arc flash hazards for a safer work environment. Working together with you, the Bussmann team of experts identifies and recommends remedial action for deficiencies in the power system to enhance personnel safety and helps reduce risk. Arc flash studies are also a critical component of our safety analysis.

Additionally, our arc flash safety training provides you with information on the potential hazards of working around energized equipment, the standards that address these hazards, and the safe work practices and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) necessary to protect workers from these hazards.

For more information, see our Arc Flash safety brochure.

Advance your electrical safety

Additional studies, audits, predictive maintenance solutions, and training can always be added to an Arc Flash Compliance Program to further advance the safety of your electrical system.

These include:

  • Power system studies
  • Power quality and reliability studies
  • Selective coordination review
  • Power chain audits
  • Maintenance and support services
  • Operational and maintenance training